Free Man and Van Move into Storage*

Book a minimum two month’s storage at any of our self-storage facilities within the M25 and we will provide a 3.5t Luton and driver to help move you into storage.

This is a convenient, cost free service to help new storage customers. Save on removal charges or renting a van.

Our Lutons are equipped with tie-down rails and straps, moving blankets and trolleys.

Service Days and Times
Monday – Saturday. Collection times from 08:00h – 15:00h.

For cost effective storage and FREE Man and Van please contact our team on 020 8877 9682 or email [email protected].

Storage in Teddington from Kiwi Movers

Get access to your stuff any time, any day at our Teddington storage. Our modern, clean CCTV-protected units are available 24/7, 7 days a week.

Long stay discounts available, with the same flexibility and access as short term self-storage.

If you’re between properties, going travelling or need to make room for decorating or renovation works, our Tedding storage units offer security and peace of mind at a sensible price.

The Kiwi Movers team are experts in storage, removals and logistics.

To discuss your storage requirements, please call one of our project managers today on 020 8877 9682.

Self Storage in Teddington

Self storage offers flexibility and convenience and means you only pay for what you use.

Come and go as you please. Our Teddington self-storage units are easily accessed by road, ideal for the outskirts of London, Surrey and Middlesex.

Long term storage in Teddington

Longer term storage solutions come with decent discounts. You still get the same level of flexibility if you need it, but at a lower rate. Choose from bulk containerised storage, warehousing or long term self-store options – all within our secure, clean and dry Teddington Storage units.

What you get with Kiwi Movers long term and self storage in Teddington

  • A wide range of unit sizes to choose from, all secure and protected by CCTV
  • Conveniently located facility in Teddington, convenient for West London, Surrey and Middlesex
  • Access available any time, any day of the year. Come and go as you please
  • Your unit is individually alarmed and monitored by CCTV
  • Clean, dry and modern units
  • No minimum stay
  • Discounts for long term bookings
  • Warehousing, containers and archiving available
  • Kiwi Movers ‘mini storage’ service. Store smaller stuff by the item, for a day or a week.
  • Left luggage – let us watch your stuff over the short term.

Tips for using self storage and long-term containerised storage in Teddington

  • Teddington is not inside the London Congestion Zone. You can make unlimited trips by car or van to your storage unit without paying the London Congestion Charge. It’s important to note however, that Teddington is built like a smallish village. There are no dual carriageways into Teddington, so if you’re taking stuff to your storage unit at peak traffic time, allow a bit of extra time for your journey.
  • Make a list of everything you put into storage. Your stuff is safe while in storage, but it’s easy to forget where things are. Save yourself the hassle of searching high and low for that socket wrench only to discover it’s actually packed safely away at your storage unit in Teddington.
  • Take snaps of everything. This is a quick alternative to measuring everything before storing it, albeit not quite as accurately. If you’re viewing a new property, you can use the pictures of your larger items to plan where you need to put things.
  • Be smart with your packing. Overdoing it on the packing front adds needless weight and bulk, increasing your storage and transport costs. Under-doing it puts your stuff at risk of damage.
  • Consolidate items where possible. The rule to follow here is simple; never pay to store fresh air. Empty cases, half-full toolboxes, multiple half tins of the same paint, these can all be consolidated.
  • Get rid of perishables. Obviously food can’t be put into storage, but there are other perishables that people may overlook. Gardening products, fragrances and paints can all go off. If you’ve got gardening products, remember there are plenty of allotments and growers cooperatives in and around Teddington. Consider donating to these, rather than storing them in your unit.
  • Get rid of stuff and replace it later. Sometimes it’s just cheaper to replace things in the future than to store them. We’re not saying you should be wasteful, but keeping a case full of old gym gear in storage for a year could work out more expensive than donating it to charity now and buying replacements later.
    • There are a number of charity shops in Teddington that would welcome your donations.
    • Fara Kids is at 119 High Street, Teddington.
    • Shooting Star Trace is at 11 Broad Street, Teddington.
    • Fara Brooks is at 34 Broad Street, Teddington.

Kiwi Movers also offer

  • Packing and unpacking service.
  • Packing materials and crates.
  • Furniture delivery.
  • International shipping.
  • Dismantling and assembly.
  • Left Luggage – Going on holiday or between flats, leave your suitcases, bikes or boxes with us.




Booking your collection

As this is a popular service a £20 deposit will be taken at the time of booking. No shows or cancellations within one working day will forfeit the £20 deposit. Further use of our Man and Van service may incur a re-booking fee.

To book this free service your storage unit must be paid in advance and provided all required documentation.

Collection and loading*
From the time of arrival you will have 2 hours to load your Luton van. For that reason we ask that you pre-arrange parking and have everything ready to go. Our driver will remain in the back of the truck to assist with securing the load, but due to insurance restrictions they are unable to assist with moving the goods from the collection address to the van.

Due to time constraints loading will be charged at the hourly rate after the 2 hour allocated period.

*We reserve the right to conduct several collections with the one van prior to offloading.

Transit to Storage
Due to insurance reasons we are unfortunately unable to carry passengers in our vans.

Unloading at Storage
The storer is responsible for unloading the contents into their storage unit. If you wish to use the driver to help you unload this will be chargeable at the hourly rate. (some exceptions may apply with free unloading as agreed by Kiwi Movers)

Legal Ownership and Dangerous and Lawful Possessions
The Storer agrees to load the truck only with lawful possessions to which the store has legal title ownership and/or possession. The Storer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Kiwi Movers Ltd, its agents and employees from any loss, legal fees, damage, judgement cost or expense arising out of, or concerning the storer’s use or possession of the truck.
The Storer agrees that they will not load the truck with items prohibited under the terms of the storage agreement.

Kiwi Movers Ltd, its agents and employees shall not be liable to the Storer for any damage to, loss or theft of the Storer’s possessions prior to, during, or after the course of the move. We require all storage clients to have insurance for their goods whilst in storage with Kiwi Movers either arranged through us or through your existing household policy.

***Please note that this free service offer does not apply to any move out of storage***


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