Office Removal Service with Kiwi Movers

Whether you’re expanding or streamlining, Kiwi Movers have the experience, the equipment and the team to make your office move as efficient and hassle-free as possible. We offer an affordable and friendly service that minimises disruption to your business. Call us now on 020 8877 9682 to discuss your office move and to discover how Kiwi Movers can make your life a little easier.

For most businesses, moving office never comes at the right time. If you’re expanding to facilitate a growing business or moving to a new location, office relocation can be a real hassle. Here at Kiwi Movers, our team has a great deal of experience with commercial removals of all types and no one is better positioned to help move your office equipment and office furniture quickly, safely and easily. 

From start to finish, your office move will be overseen by one of our experienced project managers here at Kiwi Movers. We’ll make sure that all your important items are packed up, moved and unloaded with minimal disruptions allowing you to continue business as usual. Our London removal team can take on the entire job when it comes to your business removal.

The three easy steps to moving your office

  • Step 1 – Get a free quote using the contact form. (Or if you’re in a rush, call 020 8877 9682 now to talk to one of our business relocation professionals).
  • Step 2 – Pick a convenient moving date. We can do out-of-hours moves and will work around your business schedule.
  • Step 3 – Book the day off. We can handle everything else, from packing, end-of-tenancy cleaning, storage, transport and even secure archiving, leaving you free to work from home or have the day off. We can even clean your new office before you move in. You’re welcome to be here while we get you moved, but it’s by no means required.

What you get with the Kiwi Movers office removals service

    • Full business relocation service – project managed end-to-end.
    • Archive storage – safe, secure and affordable.
    • Packing and unpacking – the success of a move depends on how well things are packed. Professional packing means end-to-end efficiency.
    • Dedicated team – fit, friendly and professional.
    • Dismantling and assembly, full office pack-down service, keeping your equipment safe and secure.
    • Crate hire available – if you’ve got equipment that requires a higher level of protection, we offer flexible and affordable crate hire.

To discuss your office relation – or even if you just want some advice from a professional – speak to a Kiwi Movers project manager today on 020 8877 9682.

Why is finding a reliable team to sort your London office move so important?

Moving your belongings from building to building is never easy. Many of us have experience straining our backs trying to lift a bulky piece of furniture, or have experience on unfortunately breaking something fragile during transportation. But even more so than when moving home or moving as a student into new accommodation, moving office means that timescales and scheduling is of absolutely vital importance. Having as little disruption as possible and being able to keep business as usual during your move. 

This is why it’s so important to find a removal team that are known and trusted when moving office in London areas such as Wimbledon, Putney and Wandsworth. You need a removal team that is going to stick steadfastly to your schedule, deadlines and moving date while allowing you and your team to worry about the problem as little as possible. With Kiwi Movers, we’ll take the entire process off your hands. 

Our office removals team is a little bit different than most in London

You want a London removals company that stays nimble and flexible while bringing a higher level of creativity and ingenuity to the job. Well, you have come to the right place here at Kiwi Movers! We are known for bringing our Kiwi ‘number 8 wire attitude’ to the jobs we do. What this means is that we always approach problems knowing that we’ll find a way of making things happen. We’re problem solvers through and through – we don’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to anything we do and always bring a fresh perspective to the task at hand! 

Our team is also diversely qualified and experienced. One of the reasons that we stand out against the competition here in London (other than our bright green vans!) is that we recruit from different backgrounds such as construction management, project management, engineering and more. As a removals company, we are your forward thinking one point of contact for your move. 

The team here at Kiwi is a fit and friendly team with a lot of experience moving whole offices from one location to another. We’re highly trained individuals with the expertise and creativity to tackle any problem. 

If you’re worried about the safety of your office equipment, then rest assured that the level of service and safety we provide here at Kiwi Movers will keep your items safe during the moving process. When it comes to office removal services, the packing materials and techniques we use are designed to move value equipment and office furniture from your former office to your new office. Our expert team knows how important this is – no one wants to move office only to find that valuable equipment has been damaged or destroyed in the meantime. 

We offer an end to end office move service

Sometimes when moving office, you need more than packing and moving your things to your new office space. It might be a case of having some equipment held in storage units for a short time during the office relocation. Fortunately, Kiwi Movers is the right place to be for a more comprehensive service that supports you from the start of your office move to the end. 

We own our very own warehouse and storage facility. This means that Kiwi Movers can receive and pack your goods, transport them to a safe and secure storage facility, and then move these items to your new office space – all with one point of contact. When it comes to commercial moving, it couldn’t be easier. Whether you need a solution for long term or short term business moves, our moving team can do the job. 

Our warehouse and storage facility is incredibly secure and is more than safe enough to store your essential items and office equipment. From computer equipment, filing cabinets, and bulky office furniture like chairs, sofas and desks, our experienced office movers guarantee an excellent service and secure storage of your business equipment. 

Why choose Kiwi Movers for your office removal?

As an office removals company, we attribute our success to four things:

  • Our reliable and efficient service.
  • The friendliness, physical fitness and professionalism of our staff.
  • Our can-do attitude.
  • The confidence with which we undertake our office removal services.

However, all of this only scrapes the surface of why you should trust us in facilitating your business relocation. We established our removals firm back in 2007 – and, since then, have continued to add to our team and refine our knowledge and skills in commercial removals.

The proof of our success is in the pudding (or should that be kiwi fruit?). We have been professionally audited by the respected consumer watchdog organisation Which?, verifying that we meet the highest possible ethics and compliance standards.

Furthermore, because we are registered with the Road Haulage Association (RHA), all of our drivers adhere to the legally enshrined Road Operators Licence Requirements. While on the subject of our staff, nearly two-thirds of them hold an international degree-level qualification or equivalent.

This has helped us to bolster our international expertise, which we have paired with a worldwide network of specialist export agents. This means that, when handling office removals from London to anywhere abroad, we can help to ensure that the whole move goes smoothly.

How we can help

If you arrange for us to handle your office relocation, we will assign one of our professionally-trained removal experts the task of supervising the whole removal process. Our entire workforce has been trained in all of its aspects – such as packing, loading, and unloading clients’ work supplies.

Our end-to-end knowledge of the commercial removals process enables us to offer a complete packing service. This service is underpinned by our packers’ dedication to taking any new training or refresher courses as and when necessary to maintain the highest possible standards.

However, our packing service remains purely optional; you can always choose to just do the packing yourself, using packing materials ordered from our own stock or any such materials, like boxes, packing tape, packing paper, sofa covers, mattress covers, and bubble wrap, that you already own.

We take pride in allowing our commercial customers to tailor our removal service to suit their own needs. After all, every business is different, and differs in its requirements even at the removal stage – and, by booking a custom solution, you can help yourself to streamline your corporate expenses.

All the same, even if you prefer to pick and choose which of your office relocation requirements we help you with, we are still happy to provide advice on how you could make the most of it – just contact us by phone on 020 8877 9682 for an in-depth chat on the subject.

Our approach to office removals

There are various reasons why you could be on the brink of relocating your business. Perhaps you just want to better position yourself to tap into a whole new geographic market, or you need to upsize or downsize your workplace as your company grows or scales itself back.

In any case, there’s the important matter of business continuity. Any corporate relocation is a big step, as it would require you to transfer your office equipment, furniture, documents, and other essential business items, from one workplace to another.

This is another reason why we are always careful to heed businesses’ specific requirements as we carry out office removals for these companies. We want to help keep your day-to-day business operations running with as little friction as possible even while an office move is underway.

We can provide this help through various means. For instance, we can arrive at your current premises outside of your usual business hours to collect business documents, equipment, furniture, and any other items you would like us to transport from your current office to the new one.

As a result, your routine business activity can continue largely or entirely unhindered – at least in the minds of your business clients. They won’t even have to know you’ve moved office until the move itself is completely done and dusted, and you have notified those clients of your new address.

Affordable & reliable service – get in touch

Whether you need us for office computers, equipment or furniture removal – or, indeed, removal of any other physical items your company needs – in London, just contact us by email via [email protected] or phone on 020 8877 9682 to start discussing your needs. We could help you meet them in a time-sensitive way.


Can I get a quote for my office move?

Office removals are one of our most frequently used services, so we’re no strangers to helping businesses move to their brand new location! To get a quote for an office removal today, you simply need to get in touch with us on 0208879682 and chat with a member of our team who’ll be able to assist you in choosing a removal service, as well as giving you options for dates and times. 

Do I need to pack the office items myself?

This is entirely up to you – if you have the time, materials, and manpower to pack up your offices on your own, that’s great! It might even help to shave a little bit of time off the top of your removal process, but if you aren’t able to pack up on your own, that’s fine too. Your Kiwi Movers removal team come equipped with the best tools and materials for packing up the office, ensuring that everything is kept safe and undamaged from office chairs to computer monitors. We do ask that you give us notice on whether the items will need to be packed when we arrive as this needs to be factored into the logistics and timings of the move, so please give us a head-up before removal day if you can.

What information do I need to provide to get a quote for your office removal service?

There are a couple of main pieces of information that will be needed in order to give an accurate quote for the removal job requested, so it’s important that you try to be as precise as possible with the information that you give to us. In general, we’ll ask you about all of the following things in order to generate a removal quote:

  • Destination: here are you moving from and where are you moving to? Our team has fantastic knowledge of London and Greater London, giving us a fantastic level of expertise when it comes to office moves in the city region.
  • Access:  This will cover things such as access routes for our vans, parking spaces for our vans to be placed in upon arrival, appropriate loading zones, and whether extra space may be required for loading larger items.
  • Date: Our team will need to know which date and the time that you will be needing our removal team to join you. This allows us to do ample planning and sort out all of the logistics.
  • Packing: You’ll also be able to discuss packing with our team over the phone, so they’ll know whether the items are going to be packed when they arrive or whether they’ll be packing your items themselves when they arrive. If you let us know in advance, we can ensure that all the packing materials are with your removal team when they reach your destination.
  • Item Descriptions: If possible, it would also be incredibly helpful if you’re able to give us a description of the type of item that is going to be moved – if there’s any particularly precious, large, or fragile items included in the load then extra precautions may be require to ensure their safety.

Do you provide storage in London?

Yes, our storage facilities are available for all our customers should they require them, on either a long or short term basis. Unlike with other removal specialists in London, we don’t have a minimum stay for our storage facilities, meaning the service is entirely flexible and can be utilised, subject to availability, as and when it is required. 

At Kiwi Movers, we provide self storage facilities as well as long-term storage options, allowing you to keep your possessions safe in a way that suits you. If choosing our self storage units, you’ll have 24/7 access to your items, allowing you to move things in and out of storage as and when they’re needed. In addition to this, you’re also given thorough protection too – our storage units are CCTV protected and individually alarmed, ensuring that we’re alerted immediately in the event of suspicious activity. If opting for our long-term storage options, you may be eligible for long term stay discounts – contact a member of our team to discuss this.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are finding themselves in a very difficult position where downsizing appears to be a necessary step to take to help keep their business alive. During this downsizing, you may find that moving to a smaller, more affordable office space is a beneficial option, allowing you to cut costs whilst money is tight. If you need any help moving to a smaller office, or to move your office items into business storage, Kiwi Movers are on hand to give you the logistical support you need. One particularly useful option is to work out of a storage unit until circumstances approve, removing the cost of expensive office space whilst also securing a great location from which to work.

Can you help with dismantling and reassembling furniture?

Our expert team of problem-solving removal professionals come equipped to deal with any challenge that may face them, with furniture being one of those challenges. Using a combination of intelligent planning, hard work, and the right equipment, there’s no moving task that’s too much for our team. Upon arrival at your new office space, our team will be more than happy to lend a hand in reassembling any furniture and helping you to arrange it how you’d like, just let them know you’d like their assistance!

Do you provide packing materials and boxes?

Packing materials can be provided by our removal team should they be required, but please try to let us know beforehand so that we can ensure all the necessary materials are in the van before they leave for your location. Boxes for possessions can also be provided on request.

Do I have to be present for the removal?

No, once you’ve arranged your removal we can take it from there! Feel free to book the day of or work from home and allows us to go in, pack up, clear out, and give everything a clean before we leave should you need us to – you don’t need to have any involvement at all! We can also give your new office space a thorough cleaning before we set up the furniture too, eliminating another tedious task that you would have otherwise had to do yourself before getting stuck into work on your first day. Here at Kiwi Movers we’re a forward-thinking removals team who like to focus on problem solving and customer satisfaction over just simply “getting things done”. That’s why we provide a true end-to-end solution that’s sure to make moving in and out of new locations a breeze. Chat to us today to request a quote or book a removal – you can reach us on 02088779682, or via our online contact page.

Are you looking to discover more about Kiwi Movers can make your office move as easy and enjoyable as possible? All you need to do is get in touch with us today. Give us a call on 020 8877 9682 for a chat about what we can do for you. We have a lot of experience working with commercial clients and will do all the heavy work and lifting for you! Got a move date coming up? Call us today to arrange your free quote!