Our man and van service is a cost-effective alternative to a full-scale removals operation, ideal for students, people leaving a house share or for those times when you just need to move some stuff. Why hire a team of movers when our man and van can get the job done quickly and efficiently? Call us now on 020 8877 9682 to discuss your move.

No one is better positioned to help you with professional man and van services in London. We’re a full service removals company here at Kiwi Movers. A lot of people struggle to decide whether they actually need a removal service or not when moving their belongings between properties. After all, if you’re not moving enough items to warrant hiring a full scale removals team, but there’s more to move than you can handle on your own, it can be hard to know where to look. Fortunately, that’s where Kiwi Movers’ fantastic London man and van services come in. 

Rather than postpone your move until a friend or family can lend a hand, or risk your own back and physical health by attempting to lift more than is safe, just give Kiwi Movers a call today. Our fleet of bright green vans and friendly, professional and well experienced movers are on hand to help you out, providing a cost effective but comprehensive man and van service for those smaller scale moves. 


What you get with the Kiwi Movers man and van removal service


  • Fit, experienced and professional team with a can-do attitude – Everyone who performs the high quality Kiwi Movers removals service keeps physically fit and healthy in order to do the best job possible every time. We bring a creativity and ingenuity to what we do – to us, every challenge has a solution. 


  • Fast and flexible service, ready to get to work when you are – Since we started in 2007 our business has continued to grow. Now, we boast an entire fleet of our recognisable bright green vans, all manned by professional and trained movers. In London and need a hand? We’re on hand to help!



  • Small or big trucks to suit your requirements – Generally speaking, a man and van delivery service is best suited to smaller scale moves. But we have a range of different trucks and we are well experienced with both large removals and smaller removals too. 




Why do people choose London-local man with a van services with Kiwi Movers?


Typically, there are a few reasons that people choose to use man with a van removals with Kiwi Movers. Some jobs simply aren’t suited for hiring a large scale removals team. But at the same time, it’s important to protect your own physical health and to not attempt a job that is bigger than you can handle. Here are some of the most common reasons that people choose local man with a van services with Kiwi Movers. 

Your job is smaller in scale

Many people who need professional removal services but don’t have a particularly big job on their hands may balk at hiring a full removals team. Fortunately, that’s where man and van removals is perfect. You benefit from a professional mover with fantastic removals experience and a proper van fully equipped to facilitate your smaller move – without needing the services of a full dedicated team of movers.

Man with a van is a cost-effective option 

If you try to save costs on removals and don’t want to hire an entire team then man with a man removals could be a great alternative with a shorter response time too. Man and van removals means hiring exactly that – a man with a van. Man with a van prices are always going to be less than those for a full team and if your job is small enough to be dealt with by one professional mover, it’s the perfect option. 


What kind of man with a van removals in London do we perform on a regular basis? 

If you’re looking for man with a van services in London and the surrounding areas like Chelsea, Fulham, Wandsworth, Putney and Wimbledon, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer amazing customer service and a comprehensive range of local man with a van removals services in London. 

Some of the man with a van removals we perform on a day to day basis include things like: 

  • Smaller scale home removals. If, for example, you’re moving but don’t have a lot of bulky furniture to move but still need the help of a professional mover, then man with a van removals is the perfect choice. 
  • Student moves. Whether you’re moving to or from student accommodation, it’s probably the case that you have a fair few belongings to move. From kitchenware, computers and anything else, it might be more than you can pack into the back of a car! Man with a van is a great cost effective option.
  • Smaller office relocations. If you have a smaller team and not a lot of office equipment to move but still need the expertise and security of a professional mover, then Kiwi Movers man and van could be the solution for you. 


What kind of move requires a man and van service?

Moving out of one home and into a new home can be a stressful experience, especially when you’ve got lots of furniture which needs moving and a limited time to do it in. Add that to a bunch of other things you have to think about on moving day and all of a sudden it becomes a colossal task to undertake. To try and tackle this task, some movers will attempt it themselves by hiring a van and transporting the furniture solo. In concept, this may seem like a simple task but in reality, it can prove extremely difficult to move, manage and transport lots of large pieces of furniture on your own. Undertaking a move yourself can also put your health at risk when you factor in the amount of furniture you will need to lift. There are proper techniques for lifting heavy objects which protect you from damaging your body and make the whole process quicker. Our trained movers practice these methods on a regular basis, so let us take control and help keep you out of harm’s way.

With our man and van service, we take the stress out of moving and make the whole process easier. Our efficient methods mean that you can rely on us to get the job done with no messing about. There are some instances when a full-scale moving team isn’t required to carry out a simple move and hiring one can lead to you spending more money than you need to and the move taking much longer than it should. With our man and van service, you’ll benefit from a confident, professional member of staff that will get the job done without the hassle of involving a full team.

The scope and details of your move will play a huge part, such as how much furniture you need to move and the sizes of the place you’re moving from/too. If you live down a narrow and busy street, calling in a fleet of moving trucks might simply be impossible and the same goes for the place you’re moving to. If you’re moving to an equally small area or perhaps university when other students are moving too, multiple trucks will likely be too many when trying to enter campus amongst other moving day vehicles. Our man and van service, however, takes this service and streamlines it, resulting in a quick and easy ‘in-and-out’ style move. 


What does the moving process entail?

The whole process for using our man and van service has been made as efficient as possible, making it easier for both you and our team. To get started simply call us on 020 8877 9682 or email us at [email protected] with your enquiry to get a quote for the move. Once you’re happy with the quote, the next step is selecting the date on which you would like to hire our man with a van service and move. On moving day our man and his van will arrive at your address, with a smile on his face and begin to help you with your move. As all of our movers are trained in lifting and are dedicated to helping you as much as possible, they will take care of everything while you sit back and enjoy a cuppa! Once the van is loaded up they will transport all of your furniture to the new location and if it doesn’t all fit in the van the first time, our man will nip back in his van to grab the rest of your items. 

Over our many years of operating man and van removal services in London, we’ve become experts at not only moving your furniture efficiently but packing and transporting it safely too. As part of our packing and unpacking service, we ensure that even the most delicate and fragile of your items are sufficiently protected during both transportation and the packing/unpacking process. There’s nothing that makes moving day more stressful than a sloppy moving team that neglects your items leading to potentially irreparable damage. Fortunately for you, we’re the best in the business and pride ourselves on providing an efficient and reliable service.

Sometimes it’s simply impossible to plan how moving all of your items from one location to another will pan out. As experienced removals experts, we’ve got a problem-solving mentality with a diverse set of skills to help us tackle any obstacles as they arise. Whether they’re issues with moving furniture out of your house or problems out on the roads, the likelihood is we’ve faced the issues before and will know the best way to navigate the obstacle with our trademark efficiency. No task is too difficult for us at Kiwi Movers as we use our creativity and critical thinking to get the job done. 


What makes Kiwi Movers services different from other removal services?

At Kiwi movers, we’ve always prided ourselves on being a team of enthusiastic and confident workers who provide excellent service every time. As part of that service, we offer competitive prices and won’t charge you for any unused items. For example, if you need boxes to move your items you will only pay for what’s used, so if you buy 40 boxes but only 35 are used, you only pay for 35. It’s all part of our mission to deliver a professional service and ensure happy customers every time. Every one of our movers will go above and beyond for you to help make the whole moving process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Another reason that makes our man and van service so popular is the efficiency of the way we do things. If your move is rather small scale and involves a relatively small amount of items, our man and van service is perfect, as you won’t require a large fleet of vehicles to complete the move out of your property. Our mover will operate a 3.5t Luton, which is the perfect size for fitting as much of your items in as possible without being too big that it makes navigating small streets an issue. It’s much easier to hire our man with a van service to fit your schedule than it is trying to work with a large team of movers and fronting the cost of unnecessary vehicles too. Especially in London where flats are small and the streets are narrow, a full team of movers would find it difficult to navigate the move and would essentially be unneeded. However, our man with a van will provide a seamless service to remove the items from your property, transport them and carry out both loading and unloading tasks at either side of the trip.

Other removal services may put a lot of responsibility on you as the customer, leading to an increase in stress and hassle for you. Whereas at Kiwi Movers, our fit and smart team will take care of as much as we possibly can as part of our impeccable customer service standards. Over 70% of our team are educated to a degree level so should any problems arise, we won’t shy away; we’ll find a solution and get the job done with no fuss. As the best removal service in London, we wouldn’t deliver anything less than the highest standard of service. If you need an efficient removals service, we’re the right people for the job, just give us a call on 020 8877 9682 or email us at [email protected] to begin planning your move today.


What will the costs involved with my move be?

When you get in touch for a quote, we’ll give you the best price we can when compared with our competitors. The price of our services will depend on various factors which will come into play during the move. We can offer hourly rates or fixed day rates which are often recommended for moves involving 3 bedroom houses or smaller. We base our prices on variables such as location, the distance you’re moving, the complexity of move (including the number of flights of stairs or availability of an elevator), the parking distance to your front door. Other factors which will have to be considered will be:

  • the size and number of the vehicles required
  • the number of movers which will be needed
  • if a hoist is needed
  • if a window needs to be removed

Should any of these factors come into play, you may need a slightly larger service than our man with a van.

One thing you can take comfort in is that we will assess your situation in the most effective way to give you the cheapest price possible. Our removals services are top-notch and when combined with the low prices we offer, makes us the best value movers in London. If there are any special requirements you have for your move or any needs which must be catered to, we’ll factor all this into our moving day plan and make sure you’re always on the same page as us.

As our standard offering, our service includes assembly and dismantling, to save you the hassle and prevent you from injuring yourself. We also offer additional packing services, packing materials, storage solutions, end-of-tenancy cleaning, overseas shipping and waste removal at additional costs. However, it is worth bearing in mind that if you require these additional services we may need to increase the size of our moving team and that the removal make take place at a later date.

In terms of costs for damaged or lost items, we have to control our liability by fixing it at £40 per item, while the maximum is £60 per box. These costs are calculated as part of the industry standard, however, please understand that these are only in extreme cases and that our proficient and highly trained team will do their absolute utmost to ensure the safety of all of your items. If you have individual household or business insurance, most of these policies will cover your belongings. If you don’t have any of these insurances and would like some before the move is carried out, we can help with this too. For an additional cost, we can offer cover up to £100,000 per truck or more if you wish.

We’ve taken all of the necessary precautions and streamlined our process as much as possible to provide a highly affordable service. With all of the different variables to consider and issues that may arise during the move, we’ve factored as much of this into the cost as possible to make our services as affordable as possible. 


Are Kiwi Movers the best removals service in the London area?

We’ve always taken pride in our ability to deliver top-notch service at an affordable price, something we believe is essential when customers are looking for a good man and van service. Overcharging and under-delivering is all too common with some removal services, whereas we’ve always gone above and beyond for our clients to show that we value their satisfaction with our service more than anything. Catering to our customer’s needs and wants has always been an important part of our service and ethos of ensuring they are always happy.

As a man and van removals service in London and the surrounding areas, we’ve gathered a reputation for being an affordable team of movers who get the job done with no fuss. We’re regularly contacted by people for our Wimbledon removals services, as well as in other local areas such as Chelsea and Fulham. Our wide area of coverage and efficient service has cemented us as the go-to for many customers looking for London man and van removals service.

Consisting of a team that are all friendly, fit and extremely professional, we’re passionate about what we do. We’ve never been a company that does the bare minimum for a quick paycheck. We believe the key to success is putting the customer first and the rest will follow suit, leading to healthy relationships between ourselves and clients. Whether it’s our man and van services you’re looking at hiring or our other solutions, we provide a high level of service every time and will never leave a job half done. In London, customers expect a certain level of quality and we like to think that as a removals company we’ve not only met that standard but raised it to a much higher one, which we continuously meet with every job.

Our experience of carrying out removals and other moving services in London and the local area has led us to garner a healthy knowledge of what to expect from the city. Whether it’s knowing the best routes to transport your items, dodging traffic or tricky streets, our knowledge of the area allows us to complete moves efficiently and within tight time slots. Organising a delivery or removal can be tricky, especially if the company you’re trying to book with is unfamiliar with your location and where you’d like your items moving to. With our knowledge, we can make the process as simple as possible and factor that into our quotes, meaning we can give you the best price possible.

As a reliable moving and removals business, our entire company is built on the basis that we provide a great value service that fills you with confidence. We take great care with every piece of furniture and ensure that you’re satisfied with our level of service before we walk away. Our service is flexible too, meaning we can offer you plenty of options when moving and cater to your timescale so the move always suits you. Factors such as the number of items, the distance between locations, and packing materials, can all be altered to suit your needs and we’ll factor this into your quote to give you the best possible price.


Is it easy to hire Kiwi Movers?

One of the key parts of our service is the simplicity of booking and organising a date. Moving house or having furniture removed from your property is a stressful process for anyone, especially when you consider all of the other factors which need to be planned. Dates, times and costs all need to be planned and can build up to a huge task list, proving very difficult to align with one another. Attempting to organise a removals service on top of everything else can seem like a difficult and stressful task, but not with Kiwi Movers. We understand that moving house can be taxing, so we’ve worked to make sure our process for organising the move is as simple as it can possibly be.

The first step is getting a quote and, thanks to our reliable team, you can do this today and speak to one of our experts directly. Simply call us on 020 8877 9682 or fill out the quote form on our website and tell us some details about what you’d like us to do for you. The more information you provide us with upfront, the better understanding we’ll have of your situation and the easier it will be for us to plan it. We’ll also be able to give you an initial idea of how much the move will cost, giving you ample time to manage your finances. Once your quote request is with us, we’ll be able to discuss with you the best method for carrying out the move as well as looking at what options we have when it comes to our man and van service.

As a reliable service, we take on as much of the organising pressure as we can, to ensure you can relax throughout the process, unburdened by stress. From the very first contact you have with us, up until the completion of the removal, we’ll do as much as we can for you. The benefits of a stress-free move cannot be understated. It allows you to enjoy the process and, if you’re moving to a new home, savour the first few days in your home without worrying about other factors. London is a busy place and with lots of services to choose from, it can be difficult to make a decision and know which is the right choice for you. While we can’t make the decision for you we can inform you that we consider ourselves the best and will always put your needs first.

Once the quote has been finalised and we’ve assessed the situation in order to plan the moving day, you can rest comfortably knowing you’re in our more than capable hands. In the lead up to the day, we’ll make sure that everything is on track and all the times agreed still work for you. If there are any last-minute changes to your schedule or other obstacles to overcome, we’ll make sure this is factored into the plan and pre-empted as to not cause any disruption on the day. This makes the moving day simple and straightforward, ensuring a completely stress-free process. If any issues do arise on the day, our smart team of movers are expert problem solvers and will work to overcome the issue as quickly as possible.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, which means taking care of your needs and worries as well as your items of furniture. We believe that if we put our customers first the rest will follow, and with passion, followed by our dedicated hardworking team, make delivering a top service a lot easier. We keep things simple when you choose us and make sure that we’re on hand to help with everything, from removals to storage.


Do you offer this service for businesses looking to move offices?

Our man and van removals services aren’t just limited to those looking to move home, or students who are moving to new accommodation, for example. The best part about our man and van service is the speed and efficiency in which they can carry out a move, making moving offices a quick and easy task. Depending on the location, moving offices can be a difficult task. Take a high rise building, for example, moving out of an office on a floor high up can be a tricky endeavour, especially with multiple numbers of staff and several pieces of office furniture to consider. Our man and van will be able to easily access the building, both in and out, taking your items with them and loading them into the vehicle.

In the centre of London, the streets can be pretty tight and traffic can be chaotic at the best of times, which makes trying to fit multiple trucks and a large team of movers down the side street next to a building an almost impossible task. Essentially, our man and van service takes this concept and shrinks it down to a single worker and a single vehicle that is fit, capable and enthusiastic, getting the job done easily. The size of most office furniture makes it perfect for a single mover to handle, transporting it from your office and into their van. With experience in various different moves across a range of situations, our movers are best suited to handling your moving situation efficiently and effectively.

Don’t worry about losing out on working time either, we know how busy work schedules can get which is why we’ll work around you and complete the job out of business hours if that suits you. Disrupting your workday with removal attempts isn’t what you want, especially if you’ve spent a lot of work time packing and organising other factors of your move. This is just another example of how we put our customers first and will work to accommodate you in any way we can. When it comes to carrying out removals in the workplace we aim to keep any disruptions to a minimum to ensure the move can be completed quickly and without causing any fuss.

With our office removals service, you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Full business relocation service – project managed end-to-end. We’ll ensure that the move runs smoothly throughout the entire process, with any problems dealt with as they arise. This takes the stress away from you and puts the pressure in the hands of our capable team who have a wealth of knowledge to help them navigate even the most difficult situations.
  • Archive storage – safe, secure and affordable. If you’re renting an office space and are moving out, there may already be furniture in your new office, which could leave you with two lots of furniture for one space. We’ve planned for situations like this and can offer the perfect solution in the form of safe and secure storage for all of your furniture and goods. We’ll hold onto your items for as long as you need until you’re ready for them to be moved into your workspace. This option works for a variety of different situations too, perhaps there is furniture in your new office that you’d like to replace with your own, we can help you can store that too. Our storage services are affordable and when you consider the security and surveillance your items will be kept under, it’s a great value service too.
  • Packing and unpacking – the success of a move depends on how well things are packed. Professional packing means end-to-end efficiency and ensures the safety of your items. As thorough workmen, we never do half of a job, and ensure everything is done correctly. Moving services that cut corners when it comes to packing often have to deal with their customer’s goods being broken. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and understand that this is absolutely not acceptable, therefore we ensure we have fully trained our team on the safest and most efficient ways to pack your goods.
  • Dedicated team – fit, friendly and professional. Removals need to be carried out in a variety of situations – no two moves are the same. Sometimes there are lots of pieces of furniture, large pieces of furniture or the move needs to be completed within a tight time frame. The only way this is possible is if the removals team are capable and fit enough to complete the job quickly and to a high standard. This is why we make sure that all of our team are physically fit enough to deliver the level of service you would expect from the best movers company in London.
  • Dismantling and assembly – full office pack-down service, keeping your equipment safe and secure. Broken or damaged items leads to unwanted costs and could leave your workers without furniture in their office. This is exactly the opposite of what you want when already setting time aside to complete a move. Our able-bodied and smart team will assess your furniture and identify the best way to pack it so that it stays safe throughout the entire moving process.
  • Crate hire available – if you’ve got equipment that requires a higher level of protection, we offer flexible and affordable crate hire.


Will one man and a van be enough?

Depending on the type of move, delivery or removal, our man and van service is more than enough. Fully trained and highly capable, our movers are experts of the trade and have executed countless moves to the highest standard. Hiring our single man and a van service poses many benefits when compared to getting a full team involved. Often, for smaller-scale moves, a full team just isn’t needed and anything more than one mover would be overkill. The same can be said for our vehicles – our movers are so efficient at packing their vans that they are able to make the most of a smaller space.

Our drivers are efficient when it comes to navigating the roads of London and the surrounding local area. They know all of the best routes to avoid traffic and get to their destination quickly. They’re also extremely careful and safe whilst on the road which means your items are completely safe when stacked in the back of the van. As great drivers, our movers are able to complete the job quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption due to traffic. Confident in our abilities, we’ll give you the best quote we can, based on how quickly we believe we can get the job done.

Every member of our team is fit and trained to carry out the job in the most efficient way. If you have huge pieces of furniture, it may require two of our movers, but for most pieces, our man and his van will be more than capable of completing the move. For removals, or moves from university accommodation or flats, our man and van service are perfect as the likelihood of you having large items is much lower than a full 3 bedroom house for example. These moves favour a quick in-and-out style approach with a single mover being able to navigate through narrow spaces much more easily than a large group of people.

There are certain situations that would call for a larger team of movers and a fleet of vehicles but these are generally larger scale moves and this eventuality would be discussed during the quoting process. The common misconception is that you need multiple people to carry and stack furniture effectively, but, in our experience, this isn’t the case. With the correct training and fitness, which all of our movers have, one man and a van can be extremely effective, which also means you benefit from a lower price due to there being fewer man-hours involved. The same can be said for our vans, although they appear smaller from the outside, with efficient packing and expert skill, our movers are able to make the most of the space and pack all of your items in safely.

Our man and van service can carry out other types of service too, such as furniture delivery, removals or small scale moves. For single items of furniture and other smaller pieces, our man and van is the perfect solution for furniture deliveries. With valuable items, our movers are trained to package and transport these properly to protect against any possible damage. It’s also a much more viable option if you don’t want to risk any breakages, which is a likelihood when there are large amounts of furniture and trucks involved. Fortunately for you, we take the necessary precautions to minimise this and ensure that your goods remain fully intact and free from damage.


Get in touch

Want to find out more about our fantastic man and van removal services here at Kiwi Movers? Just get in touch with us today. We’re always happy to discuss your requirements and set you up with the service that suits your needs. To get your man with a van quote today, just give us a call!