Here at Kiwi Movers, we know that even if your move is small on paper, a removals service can play a huge role in your planned venture, with trust given to the company tasked with the job to handle each and every item with an unbreachable level of care. That’s why we take serious pride in delivering a bright, friendly, and efficient customer experience with the same level of service you’d receive from us during a comprehensive, large-scale move. Our fleet of insured movers in our handy green vans (green by name and by nature, you know) have extensive local knowledge of Fulham, which comes directly from navigating moves of all sizes across West London and beyond. Although we are Kiwi through and through, we’ve been proud Londoners for well over a decade, meaning that as well as our brilliant service, you get tried-and-tested insight that comes from thousands of ‘jobs well done’. 

If you’re concerned about manoeuvring awkwardly shaped furniture through the doorway of your studio apartment or trying to figure out how to move Aunt Meg’s grand piano from the top floor, you needn’t worry. Along with our strong movers who are in top shape – if we say so ourselves – we have state-of-the-art equipment that can take the heavy lifting out of problematic pieces of homeware. Just ask us about our hoist hire and additional services.

We’ve spent over a decade figuring out the most tricky removals and love nothing more than getting our teeth into a bit of problem-solving. Our man and van solutions bridge that confusing gap when you don’t quite need a complete removals service with a large lorry, but the job is still too big of an undertaking for family and friends. During this time, we’ve helped thousands of happy customers get their lives on the move with safe and secure handling, expert planning and a growing wealth of knowledge of the streets of Fulham and beyond – Kiwi Movers is the professional removal company for you.

What is a man and van service?

When you see your friendly Kiwi Mover pull up to your property in one of our eye-catching green vans, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is the extent of what you can expect from us. Traditional man and van services aim to get you and your things from Point A to B, but after so long in the business, we know that moving takes time, care and all manner of planning to make things run smoothly. 

Because of this, every single member of our team is trained to not only bring the level of physical fitness needed for the safe transportation of all kinds of furniture, but each also has a knack for thinking up creative solutions for all manner of tricky jobs. From large filing cabinets to grand pianos, ginormous TVs to your Grandmother’s antique porcelain collection, our team also offers a professional packing and unpacking service to ensure the things that matter most to you are kept in pristine condition – wherever you go. 

Typically, a man and van service would be just that. They are perfect for large single item transportation or light furniture for a smaller move, but sometimes office moves or those last few bits and bobs can take up more space than we anticipated. With Kiwi Movers, our fleet of varied vans and trucks can accomodate any size and are always helmed by a fantastic driver who has had plenty of experience facilitating moves of all levels. Our 3.5t Luton vans are just the ticket for successful ‘man and van’ jobs – they are most commonly used as vehicles for catering companies but, as part of the Kiwi Fleet, have been specially built and adjusted for our comprehensive removals service.

On the rare occasion that your belongings might not fit in the van of your choosing, we’re more than happy to use our insider knowledge of Fulham’s streets (and traffic!) to pop back to your property, safely collect what’s left and bring it to you, with no fuss. We go above and beyond for our customers and simply aren’t satisfied until you have everything you need to settle into your new house, apartment or office. That’s the Kiwi way. 

Which Fulham removals can we assist with?

Some of the most common small-scale removals are for people who are moving individual items to a new pickup location, students who are shifting between accommodations or for office moves. Our reasonable rates mean that anyone has access to our skillful moving services, with our bright and friendly Kiwi manner offering further peace of mind when things can feel a little bit hectic!

Student moves

We often help students in Fulham looking to move from, or into, halls of residence and can offer a top-quality, fully-insured service that won’t tear off a huge chunk of your student loan. 

Our team has seen plenty of student houses over the years (it wasn’t too long ago that many of us were picking up engineering degrees, among others) – so we’d like to think that we can tackle any strange or unusual doors, stairs, or passageways that are often found in these spots.

As well as helping you lift and load your property into our vehicles, we can also assist you with fiddly packing and unpacking, thanks to our huge stock of packaging materials.

Your belongings are in safe hands with our expertly trained professional team who have had plenty of experience in securely wrapping, packaging and transporting your things in the most optimal way. See? We’re not just pretty faces. To get your student move booked in, call us on 020 8877 9682 to find out how we can take the faff and fuss out of switching between accommodations. 

Office moves

For business professionals who are looking to move between offices, we can offer you an unparalleled standard of customer service – combined with a streak of our infamous Kiwi ingenuity. 

We’ve helped hundreds of people on their new journey, whether you are looking to streamline or move on to bigger things, assisting in moving delicate equipment and helping with furniture assembly with little disruption. When you get in touch with our team, we’ll discuss which time will work best for you and your employees. We understand that an office move can have a huge impact on your processes and efficiency, which is why Kiwi Movers are more than happy to accomodate services out of hours or can tailor our move to your requirements. 

Our expertise not only encapsulates a successful move but all the fuss in between, which is why we offer faultless levels of service from the moment you leave your old building to the second you’re all moved into your new office. We offer storage solutions, end-of-tenancy cleaning and can even spruce up your new location so you can dive straight back into work. 

Why choose Kiwi Movers for a man and van in Fulham?

When you need a friendly face, extra thinking cap, and those all-important helping hands, Kiwi Movers are the best choice for your next move. For professional moving services in Fulham that you can count on, give us a call today on 020 8038 6014 – or if you’re busy, you can always request a callback and a member of the team can get in touch at a time that suits you

Our service costs always give you the ultimate value for money, since we work with straightforward and affordable rates that are bespoke to your unique move. You can get a no-fuss, no-obligation quote directly from us here, or chat to Kiwi Movers directly to discuss how we can help take the stress out of your move. Because we’re quite the planners, we’ll visit your property before issuing you with a customised quote. This will help us troubleshoot any possible problems we might encounter on Moving Day and help us get a sense of the scale and scope of the job, so you’re always met with a simple cost with no hidden extras.

We’re proud to offer a flexible service, which means we’re there when our customers need us most and, on some occasions, will be able to move you within 24 hours – if the planets and our calendars align! However, this means giving us as much notice as possible so, to start your moving journey with Kiwi Movers, call us today.