If you have ever moved furniture across the UK or abroad, then you know just how difficult it can be to find the right transporter. When it comes to oversize and overweight items or large quantities of multiple items, ordinary furniture couriers are often found lacking. You might have experience with an over priced or unreliable courier in the past. Fortunately, here at Kiwi Movers, you’ve come to the perfect place to put those experiences behind you. 

With furniture removal and furniture delivery, it’s important that you have a delivery team you can put your trust in. Furniture can be fragile and delicate, and large items are notoriously difficult to move – I’m sure we’ve all had an experience of trying to pivot a large bed or sofa through a narrow hallway, up a flight of stairs or around a doorway. As a delivery company, these kinds of challenges are what we specialise in here at Kiwi Movers. 

We’re not like other international removals and shipping companies; we offer a bespoke service tailored to meet your needs and budget. We always bring our Kiwi-bred ‘number 8 wire attitude’ to the job, meaning that we always implement our creativity and ingenuity when delivering your furniture. We offer the kind of furniture delivery service that allows you to sit back and relax, knowing that we’re handling the hard work for you.

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Furniture delivery from London based Kiwi Movers

We deliver furniture throughout Europe and around the world. If you’ve just invested in a fantastic piece of furniture, why let anyone but an experienced professional handle it? Our team are fit, friendly and most important of all, they’re specially trained to handle expensive and delicate items.

  • Comprehensive packing service – For those with little experience moving and transporting furniture, the task of packing oversized and weighty items of furniture can seem like a nightmare. Fortunately, the delivery team here at Kiwi Movers provides a comprehensive packing service – we’re fully qualified and trained, and no one is in a better position to pack your furniture for safe delivery. 


  • Special equipment and material for handling furniture – When it comes to removals and delivery, furniture and large goods delivery provides a special challenge. Without the right equipment and material available, you’re as likely to hurt yourself as you are to damage the furniture. But you can trust the Kiwi team because we’ve got everything necessary to handle furniture professionally


  • Worldwide network of approved handlers – Our international shipping service is designed around being as hassle free and affordable as possible – and this counts for our international furniture delivery too. We work with a global network of trusted and known handlers so that we can make sure your furniture is in safe hands, wherever it may be going. 


  • Sensible pricing – Ever worked with a furniture courier only to feel like they’re overpriced and that you’re not getting the best value for your money? We understand this feeling, which is why we offer a bespoke service with sensible pricing, all based around making the most of your budget. 


  • Peace of mind – You want a delivery company you can trust. Here at Kiwi Movers, we pride ourselves on the great relationships we build with our customers. We aim to be a partner to you, offering great delivery options, express delivery and standard delivery all based around your preferred delivery date. We’re here to make your life easier and to give you one less thing to worry about.

What kind of furniture delivery services do we specialise in?

Home delivery

Need a piece of furniture or even several large items to be delivered straight to your door? Whether it’s part of a house move, relocation or anything else, the Kiwi Movers home furniture delivery team can make sure everything gets to you on time, safe and well packed. To submit a quote request, simply fill out our short enquiry form. 

Furniture rearrangement

Whether you are the owner of a store or are an interior designer, moving around all your bulky furniture for a photo shoot or display can be a much bigger and more challenging part of the experience than you’d like. Fortunately, the delivery team here at Kiwi Movers specialises in moving furniture to a professional standard. 

Furniture delivery for late-night events such as gala dinners

As mentioned above, we provide a comprehensive range of delivery services. This includes furniture delivery for late night and social events. Whether you need a large quantity of catering equipment to be delivered, or whether you need furniture to be moved from your showroom in order to be displayed at the event, we can help. 

Office relocations

Anyone who has moved office before knows that it can an absolute logistical nightmare. But we’re here to help! Whether you need furniture rearranging around your office or you need important and valuable office furniture and equipment transported safely, we are qualified and trained to get the job done. 

Kitchen delivery

Kitchen delivery is a big job. Kitchen furniture is often very large and very heavy and lifting should be avoided by anyone other than professionals. And if you’re installing a new kitchen, you might need a whole host of bulky, delicate and heavy kitchen furniture delivering to your site! 

Although we don’t install kitchens ourselves here at Kiwi movers, we collect and deliver them safely to wherever they need to be. Moving these items can be challenging and they need to be safely packed for transport. Then, when on site, these items need to be arranged properly, ready for installation. We’ve got a lot of experience doing this here at Kiwi Movers – we’re a delivery company you can rely on for kitchen furniture delivery. 


We offer an end to end service

Need a comprehensive service from start to finish? You’ve come to the right place here at Kiwi Movers. We own our own warehouse, meaning that we can receive your goods, store them and dispatch them as a team. Whether you need a short term or long term solution, we can be your one point of contact and handle the entire process for you. 

We understand that sometimes furniture needs to be stored, either indefinitely or for an extended period of time. Here at Kiwi Movers, we have experience working with landlords, developers and interior designers in the process of fitting out flats, homes and offices. In cases like these, you need longer term furniture storage. 

Our warehousing is incredibly safe and secure. If you need to store high value items but are worried about security, then we will be able to put your mind at ease. We understand the importance of protecting your belongings and are committed to storing them safely. 


We perform furniture delivery across London, the South East and the rest of the UK – with international furniture shipping also available

We are a London based removals and delivery company here at Kiwi Movers, but our furniture delivery services are available across London, the south-east of England, and the rest of the UK.

We also conduct overseas delivery to Europe and numerous destinations overseas.

If you need to store your goods before shipping, we can also provide a variety of storage services and locations, from flexible self-store to cost-effective long term storage.

Whether you’re delivering furniture abroad, shipping a car to your second home in Europe or sending a valuable gift overseas, we’ll handle every stage of the process. Call us today on 020 8877 9682 to discuss your international shipping requirements.


How much does it cost to have furniture delivered?

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Kiwi Movers is providing an efficient and reliable service at an affordable price to fit within as many of our customer’s budgets as possible. This means that our service provides exceptional value, as we never charge over the odds for any of our services and won’t leave you with any unnecessary additional charges. We even have cost-control policies in place which prevent you from forking out more cash than needed; take our box policy for example, if you pay for 40 boxes but only use 30 we won’t charge you for the 10 which you didn’t use! That’s all part of our service as professionals – we aim to deliver honest service and build healthy relationships with our customers.

When it comes to pricing up the cost of our furniture delivery service, there are a few factors which need to be considered first before we can give you a total figure. These factors include things like how many pieces of furniture you want to have delivered, how many of our vehicles/team members are needed and where you’re located. Difficult deliveries, potentially due to large items or a small house/flat, can cost a little more due to the delivery likely taking more time and our delivery team needing to be larger. What is certain is that we’ll work with you and be as flexible as possible to fit your budget and any other delivery needs. 

We believe flexibility is the key to a happy customer, which means we don’t just slap a price on the table and force you to work with it, we’ll do our utmost to adapt the delivery method and give you as many options as possible. Of course, if you’re looking at getting large items or a large number of items delivered, certain costs will be unavoidable, but you can take comfort in the knowledge that you’ll be getting our best movers and benefitting from a highly efficient delivery method. 

It’s no secret that large pieces of furniture can be difficult to navigate through hallways and up flights of stairs, making the process trickier, but as problem solvers, we can adapt our delivery methods to suit the situation.

Depending on where you live and the distance in which your furniture is going to be transported, costs will have to be adapted, but again, we won’t overcharge for anything unnecessary. Other factors such as delivery obstacles can have an impact on cost as they often incur more hours and manpower to overcome. But with that in mind, we’re still the best delivery provider around and with a smart, confident team, there is little which we can’t solve. 


Can Kiwi Movers store furniture before delivery?

Buying furniture isn’t a decision you simply jump into, especially if it’s an expensive piece that will enhance your living space. Factors such as the size of the item and where it will fit in your house are the most important things to consider, alongside affordability. But, it’s a fact of life that as you grow and become more comfortable in a house or flat, you want to personalise it to make it really feel like a home. The best way to do this is by investing in furniture sets that match the look and style of your home. This can also breathe new life into your home, making it a fresher living space that breeds positivity. But, what happens when you like your current furniture but still want to replace it with a newer set? Well, don’t feel like you have to be forced into scrapping it or selling it. If you want to hold on to that furniture for yourself in the future, to sell or perhaps to give to family members in need of new furniture, then you can!

As experienced movers who have worked with everything delivery and removal related within the industry, we’ve seen plenty of scenarios where customers want to hang onto their goods but are stumped as to how they can accommodate large or multiple pieces of furniture with the limited space at their disposal. At Kiwi Movers, we aim to meet as many of your needs as possible and you’ll be pleased to hear we also offer storage, alongside our furniture delivery services, to suit exactly these types of situations. Whether you’ve bought new furniture at a low price but can’t move it into your home yet or would like to keep the furniture set you’re replacing, we offer container storage to keep your items safe.

Starting from just £9.95 per month, we’ve made our storage service as affordable as possible and just as we promised with delivery, we’ll never charge you excessively for anything that is unnecessary. Our storage containers are safe, secure and of high quality, so you won’t have to worry about your new furniture set becoming damaged in any way while it’s tucked away in our storage unit. Just as you won’t have to worry about any external factors affecting the quality of your furniture set in storage over long periods of time. The tamper-proof security systems ensure the safety of your goods, which are also backed up with 24-hour security cameras for maximum safety. 


What pieces of furniture can be delivered?

When you’re ordering new furniture you’re likely so caught up with the idea of how it will fit into your home and how it will look, that you won’t be thinking about the delivery side of the process. This is absolutely no problem and the whole reason why we regard ourselves as the best in the business – we’ll handle everything to do with the furniture delivery! Whether it’s sofas, coffee tables, mattresses or chairs, our reliable furniture delivery team will be able to handle your items, with no questions asked.

As part of our quality service, we also will look after your goods during the journey and ensure they are treated with the utmost care to prevent any damage. Receiving new furniture which has been damaged in transit is one of the most disheartening things which can happen during the process and will take the shine off the brand new furniture set that you’ve likely spent a lot of hard-earned money on. This kind of thing can happen and is quite common if you choose a poor, sloppy delivery service. At Kiwi Movers, we pride ourselves on being the exact opposite of this and continually provide a high-quality service that always results in happy customers. Across many years of operation, we’ve received excellent customer feedback which has reassured us that we are providing the best deliveries service we can offer.

There are many eligible items that we can deliver. Of course, single items are the most straightforward and least hassle, but if they are heavy items, it’s likely more manpower will be needed. Deliveries are very much dictated by the number and size of items delivered but that doesn’t mean there are obstacles we can’t overcome. If your items are exceptionally large, we have the capacity to use various equipment such as a hoist, should furniture need to be installed through a window. Our deliveries services aren’t rigid, nor is our team in the way they approach them, meaning we can adapt to difficulties posed by your property or other factors such as issues on the road.


Why do I need this service?

Our furniture deliveries service is more than simply delivering items to your door, it’s so much more. Furniture delivery can pose issues of its own, whether it’s larger items that are difficult to manoeuvre or another service that is charging way more than you should be paying, it’s better to play it safe and choose a respected team of movers such as ourselves. As a delivery company with the right knowledge of all the relevant processes, we’re able to make deliveries less hassle and less troublesome than they could be if you attempted to organise it with a company that lacks much-needed experience in this area. 

We wouldn’t advertise our services as flexible if it wasn’t true; it’s what makes us such a popular choice for many movers and customers looking for couriers for items. That means that we’ll adapt any deliveries to suit whichever times you’re available and ensure that the selected delivery times are always on your watch. We’ll assess factors such as the amount and size of the furniture you’re looking to have delivered and give you an accurate timescale on when one of our couriers will arrive at your property to make sure you’re home in time for delivery. 

We’ve ensured that the process for organising furniture delivery is as easy and straightforward as possible, to make sure that nothing gets lost in translation. You can pick up the phone and give us a call today on +44 (0)20 8877 9682 to get started with planning your furniture delivery or you can email us at [email protected]. Alternatively, feel free to explore our website and learn more about us as a company and what we offer, then fill out the contact form with your email address and message. By interacting with you in a direct and clear manner allows us to be as transparent as possible with the plans and process which will be carried out during your delivery. 

During the planning process, we’ll discuss the most important aspects of the delivery such as timings, dates and costs. Getting the timing right is essential as it’s not only got to work for our courier, it, more importantly, has to suit you. There’s no use in us trying to deliver your furniture at a random time, with no prior discussion and finding out you’re not in to receive it. That would be an example of poor planning on our part and that’s the opposite of what we stand for as a company. Adapting our delivery approach and organising our schedules following a discussion with you will allow us to set a delivery time that will be on your terms. If you have a busy schedule, whether that be with work, school runs or other activities, we’re able to work around it to help you out.

The day in which your furniture delivery takes place is just as important. It’s a fact of life that things crop up last minute and schedules have to be changed, just as everyone has those days where life is simply too busy to think about other things such as deliveries. We recognise and understand this and will work with you to organise a day which is ideal for you. Once these have been planned the cost of the delivery is next up on the list. Again, we believe that discussing costs with you in a clear and direct manner allows you to manage your budget much more easily, which in turn helps us tailor our service to your level of affordability.

Will my fragile items be safe during transport?

You never have to worry about the safety of your items during a move. As experts with a wealth of experience, we pride ourselves on the quality of our moving and furniture delivery service. No matter how fragile or delicate, we’ll ensure your items are properly wrapped to ensure maximum safety and stacked effectively to minimise movement whilst in the van. We’ve carried out countless moves where we’ve moved multiple fragile objects without any damage.

We believe the key to effective furniture delivery services is being reliable and always delivering on promises. Thanks to our team of smart and highly skilled movers, we’re able to offer this service with complete confidence that we can meet every single one of your expectations. Having confidence in your movers is important otherwise you’ll be under more stress than you need. As reliable and proficient movers, you can rest easy knowing that, if you choose us, we’re taking great care of your furniture at every step of the process. All of our ability stems from great training and an enthusiastic workforce who make it their mission to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our service.

Moving can be stressful enough, you don’t want to have to worry about your fragile items being broken during the move, or worse yet, find that they have been broken during transport. Without proper training and care, some movers may neglect your items or not know how to look after them properly. At Kiwi Movers, we have special techniques when it comes to packing your goods to ensure their safety and not only does our packing help protect your furniture, it also allows us to transport more of it at once.

Whether it’s TVs, glass tables, vases or other ornaments, you don’t need to worry when you choose us, it’s part of our reliable service that we properly look after your items. Peace of mind when moving is something which every customer should have and something we always try, as a delivery team, to ensure you can benefit from. It’s not just small items which can be fragile, it’s larger ones too, such as pianos and other instruments, but don’t worry, we have experience moving these too. For moves that include grand pianos, we use a hoist to carefully and safely move it out of your home. We handle all of your furniture with care and ensure that each piece is protected throughout the whole process.


What if my plans change after booking a delivery date?

Plans change, that’s just a fact of life. Especially around the time in which you’re moving house. It can feel like there are a million and one things you need to do but not enough time to do them. We understand that this may be the case and that is why we’re completely flexible when it comes to any changes you need to make to the moving plans. If you’re busy or aren’t available on moving day, don’t worry, we can rearrange for a more suitable date for you and ensure that you’ll still receive a fully comprehensive service from us. The sooner you let us know, the better, as we won’t charge you for rearranging 10 or more days before the agreed date.

We won’t hold you to any dates, but a percentage of the quote must still be paid if it’s just a few days before the date quoted. When we quote you we will of course base the price on the initial dates planned, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change these if you need to. Delivery times can be changed to suit you and work around your plans. Our team is super friendly and always happy to help in any way they can and, if that means going above and beyond for you, they’ll jump at the chance – we wouldn’t be the best moving service in London if we didn’t.

There may be other changes that happen which you may be worried about how they will be incorporated into, or affect, your moving day plan. This isn’t an issue and, by speaking to our team, we can figure out a solution together. Whether it’s more furniture you need moving or a change in locations, our team is flexible and we can accommodate any changes you need. Just let us know when you’d like to alter the plan as soon as you know and we’ll take care of everything for you.


How do I start the process for furniture delivery?

Starting the process to get your furniture delivered, or to organise your furniture being moved to another property, is super easy with Kiwi Movers. Firstly, our website is easy to navigate and very user-friendly to make it easier for you to explore our services and choose which ones you think you could benefit from. This is the best way to learn about us and what to expect when you choose our services. On our about us page, you’ll find some insight into our core values and learn about the type of people we choose to become members of our team.

Once you’ve explored our services and other offerings, it’s time to choose one. If you’re looking to move house you may be looking for a full team of movers but, since reading our man and van page, you may find that this service is more appropriate for your needs. This is often the case as our man and van service is highly effective and a great choice for smaller-scale moves. However, if you are looking to move house and have a lot of furniture which needs moving, our larger scale moving team will be a better choice for you. One of the things we pride ourselves on the most is being able to offer a diverse range of services to cater to all of your needs, no matter how bespoke they are.

When it comes to moving house, there’s likely lots of furniture involved which means you’ll need an efficient team of movers. Our furniture delivery team is a perfect choice and booking our services is extremely easy. There are a couple of ways to contact us. If you want to request a quote online, you can fill out a form on our website or email us at [email protected] to get it via this method. To speak to a member of our team directly, you can call us on 020 8877 9682 and we’ll talk you through your quote. Once we’ve fine-tuned your quote and you’re happy with it, we’ll set things in motion and organise a date for your move.

In the lead up to the moving day, you’ll have the opportunity to change the plans if you need to. If all is well, we’ll arrive on time on the day of your move and be ready to go to work. Alternatively, if you aren’t moving house, and are simply having a piece of furniture delivered, the process is the same. All costs and dates will have been discussed beforehand ready for our delivery team to arrive on the day and deliver your furniture on time. Fit and healthy, our team are more than capable of carrying your furniture and placing it in the room of your choice in your home. Getting new furniture delivered can be exciting but a moving company which only does half the job can take the shine off the experience. At Kiwi Movers, we would never do this and make a promise to you to see the job through until the end and ensure you’re completely satisfied.

There is very little prep you’ll need to do beforehand and most of the specifics will have already been planned out during the quoting process. Plus, if you’ve just moved into a new home or are getting a replacement piece of furniture delivered, you’ll likely have the space ready and waiting for it to simply be slotted in. Don’t worry if this isn’t the case – we also offer removals services. If you have old furniture which you’d like to be removed from your home to make room for new pieces of furniture, we can take care of this for you. We can remove any furniture from your home to make way for the new furniture delivery and, if you would like to hold onto that piece of furniture, we can store it in one of our secure containers. Our storage containers are available at an extremely great value and are capable of holding your furniture for as long as you need whilst keeping it in good condition.

We like to build strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients and the best way to do that is by making sure their needs are met. This means that if at any point during the process, or even after we’ve completed the delivery, you have any questions, we’re more than happy to help. During the process, if any issues do arise, our expert problem-solving team will be on hand to resolve the issue and ensure the job still gets done whilst sparing you of any stress. Being reliable and efficient allows us to complete the job to a high standard and through clear communication with you, we can make sure that we meet all of your needs.


Do you only deliver furniture to homes?

Although commonly associated with having a new corner sofa or dining table delivered to a home, our service isn’t limited to just home deliveries. We also deliver furniture to offices or other venues if events are about to take place. Often, businesses looking to host events at a select venue will need to also hire furniture such as tables and chairs to accommodate guests. Not all companies which allow the hiring of furniture will deliver it to your desired location. This isn’t an issue, however, and is exactly what makes our services so popular amongst businesses, as well as those moving home. We can pick up the furniture from the hiring company, deliver it to your venue of choice and pack it up and deliver it back once it has finished.

It’s not just venues we can deliver to for businesses either, we also handle office relocations or new furniture deliveries to an office space. Having a vibrant workplace breeds productivity and enthusiasm, so getting brand new, modern furniture delivered should always be an exciting and uplifting experience. We make sure this is possible by delivering furniture to workspaces on time and with great efficiency, disrupting the working day as little as possible. There are very few limitations when it comes to organising these deliveries as we have movers and delivery solutions which can cater to almost any situation. For example, if you work in a busy city office with tight streets and narrow staircases, we can send our man and a van to complete the delivery service efficiently. By tailoring the service to suit your situation, we can overcome almost every delivery obstacle.

You can hire us to carry out all kinds of furniture delivery, whether it’s furniture such as desks and chairs, or brand new equipment such as a new printer. Organising delivery of this with the company you’re buying from is risky because they might simply drop it at your door and leave, meaning you’ll have to carry it into position yourself. But with Kiwi Movers, we’ll see the job through to the end, make sure we deliver your equipment on time and won’t leave until it’s in position and you’re satisfied. The last thing you want is to injure yourself trying to move heavy equipment as it takes proper training to be able to do this without harming yourself. Plus, your working day is likely very busy already, the last thing you want is to have to take time out to shift office furniture around. That’s why you hire us, because we take care of everything, leaving you with more time to get on with your day, free from stress.


How many movers are in your delivery team?

Our furniture delivery service can adapt to the situation and with a full team of movers on hand to help, we can enlist as many as will be needed to complete the job effectively. If there are large, very heavy pieces of furniture that would be difficult for one mover to carry, then we’ll send a bigger team of 2 or more movers to deliver your furniture. This may require multiple vehicles too, depending on how many pieces of furniture you’re looking to have delivered, we may need to send multiple vans to ensure the delivery can be completed on the set day we’ve quoted you.

For smaller and generally lighter pieces of furniture, we’ll be able to send one man and one van to complete the job. Our highly skilled team members are capable of completing the job themselves, which is why we’re able to offer such an effective man and van service. For larger teams of movers, our incredible teamwork allow us to use each other’s strengths to carry out deliveries in the most efficient way possible. If any obstacles or issues arrive, our team are experts at putting their heads together and coming up with a solution.

When working out a quote for your move, we’ll discuss the potential options and factor in any additional services if you think you’ll need them. For example, if you need to make space for the new furniture being delivered, we can factor in a removals service to take your furniture away before your new pieces arrive. By planning this early on, it allows us to work out how many movers we’ll need to send to your home. If you do need a removals service or any other services for that matter, we’ll send a larger team of movers to effectively complete the task within the time frame.


How long will furniture delivery take?

The length of time it takes to carry out the furniture delivery will depend on a few factors. The first being the distance between where the furniture is being picked up from, to your home. Of course, if you live far away, it will take longer for us to reach you and therefore impact delivery time. However, this will be factored into your quote so you’re fully aware of the process – we won’t leave you waiting around on the delivery day.

Other factors such as the amount of furniture and size of it will also play a part in delivery time. If there are multiple pieces of furniture it may take longer for us to load and unload your items at either end. However, we’ll send as many movers as needed to ensure that the delivery is completed quickly. Our flexibility in terms of the services we offer means that we can increase manpower when necessary. We’ll do our utmost to ensure the job is completed as quickly as possible and in the most efficient manner.

If you require additional services alongside the furniture delivery, this will likely take longer to complete also. Although, we can increase the number of movers in this situation, ensuring there are enough members of our team on hand to complete the job as quickly as possible. Unforeseen factors such as traffic, road closures or additional travel incidents are always a possibility. We’ll take the necessary precautions to avoid these and, as an expert courier service, it takes a lot to disrupt us. We’re very familiar with London and the surrounding area, so we know exactly which parts of the city to avoid during transport and which routes to take if we need to redirect.


Can you help if I need furniture delivered today or tomorrow?

As experienced West London movers here at Kiwi Movers, we realise that life can be unpredictable. This unpredictability means that it isn’t always easy to know whether you’ll require a furniture delivery service until relatively short notice. That’s why we’re committed to helping the people who reach out to us, wherever and however we can – including when they have a very late request for furniture delivery.

Generally speaking, we ask that those approaching us try to give about two or three weeks notice for any removals or delivery job. But if you call us and we have availability, we might be able to help you on the same day you get in touch with us, or the next.

We will likely be able to assist you at short notice if you only need our ‘man and van’ service, which typically involves the use of just one 3.5-tonne Luton vehicle. This availability is due to this service being far less resource-intensive. It’s also the most cost-effective option for those who have a relatively small furniture delivery job that they need doing. By that, we’re referring to moving furniture items from three-bedroom properties or smaller.

Of course, our London movers don’t only cater to those requiring the delivery of furniture to and from residential properties. We can undertake similar jobs for commercial organisations that may be moving offices – again, often at short notice.

Our normal approach with any removals or delivery request is to provide an initial estimated quote. This will then be followed by a final invoice once we have actually completed the work for you. Please note that depending on how much time and materials we ended up needing to use on the day, the final invoice may be for a higher or lower than you were initially quoted.

If you contact us just a few days before your due to move, and we can accommodate this, we’ll expect you to pay a percentage of the quote.

Flexibility is one of our watchwords here at Kiwi Movers. Indeed, this has been a big factor in us becoming one of the most trusted London moving companies. So, even if you aren’t entirely sure whether we will be able to handle your last-minute requirement for furniture delivery, it’s well worth getting in touch with us anyway. You can contact us by email or calling us 020 8877 9682.

When you do, we’ll demonstrate the can do attitude that has helped us to our present status as a highly reputable removal company in London. We’ll discuss your requirements with you, and talk you through potential options and solutions. You may decide in the end, for example, that your particular furniture delivery job will necessitate a period of storage in London. If this is the case, we have great-value facilities, which are available 24/7, to cater to this.

Can large items be delivered to a room of my choice?

Having furniture delivered to a domestic or business property can be an intimidating and arduous task. This is true both domestically, in office environments, and when you’re delivering things across the world. And yes, we do deliver furniture around the globe, working alongside reputable international partners to ensure that your treasured items complete their journey safely.

One of the worst stages of the furniture delivery process, however, can be the final phase. This phase involves getting an item up what may be several flights of stairs, or through narrow and awkward spaces. As tempting as it might be to try to move the furniture yourself, this can be a recipe for disaster. It’s just so easy to end up dropping or otherwise accidentally damaging the furniture item, or even injuring yourself. A lot of the time, it’s just not worth even taking the risk, especially when reliable West London movers like our own professionals here at Kiwi Movers exist.

So, don’t be afraid to talk to us about this aspect of your move when you first request a quote. We’ll listen carefully to your requirements, and account for such things. We can help with carrying furniture upstairs, and calculate how much labour will be required to ensure an item is transported safely. Then, the free and no-obligation quote that we present you with will reflect this complexity. We will happily take on all of those especially tricky, and potentially risky, elements of your furniture delivery job.

The short answer to the above question, then, is that we almost certainly can arrange to have any especially large or otherwise difficult items delivered to a room of your choice. We regularly move big and often delicate pieces of furniture such as pianos, using hoists and whatever specialised equipment may be needed. Furthermore, we have an excellent track record of doing this without putting our clients’ furniture at risk.

One thing we must emphasise, though, is that additional costs are almost inevitable as far as the transportation and delivery of larger items is concerned. Sometimes, depending on the job in question, we may need to call upon larger vehicles or use a greater number of them. If this is the case, we’ll also need to send a bigger team of removal professionals to the task.

We’re highly experienced in overseeing even the biggest and most complex furniture delivery operations, and when you first contact us, we will be honest about how much this is likely to cost. Furthermore, the complexity of the task will increase if you need to move furniture across borders. Adding a layer of customs procedures and sometimes confusing documentation adds to that complexity.

Not all London moving companies are as transparent and honest about these factors as we are. But whatever service you require, we will always strive to be friendly and helpful and to try to make even the seemingly impossible possible.

How far can you deliver furniture?

While we are based in Wandsworth, we really are accustomed to the professional, safe and efficient transportation of furniture across the city, the UK, and beyond. Whether you’re just seeking a well-priced London man and van to carry some office chairs, or you require a much more comprehensive delivery operation around Europe – we can help. The fact is, we’ll know what to do because we’ve done it so often for clients such as you.

We work alongside trusted partner companies around the globe to ensure your furniture reaches its destination in good time, and in impeccable condition. Don’t forget that no matter how far your furniture needs to travel, we can arrange periods of storage for your items if needed, whether at our own facilities in the UK or at your destination city. And for the utmost peace of mind, we’ll assign you an experienced project manager to serve as your single point of contact throughout your furniture’s journey, from its starting point to its final destination.

Getting furniture from one end of the world to the other can be an overwhelming task to try to coordinate on your own. So, why not place your faith in one of the top moving companies in London? We’re a company that knows how to deal with the various practicalities and legalities that you may otherwise misunderstand or overlook. We’ll factor all of these things into the initial quote we present to you so that you can be confident of being able to afford such an ambitious furniture delivery operation.

Naturally, it’s not just the cost you might be concerned about. If you’re arranging for the long-distance transportation of furniture, timings will be an important factor too. Generally speaking, you can expect our West London movers to get your items from the UK to your European delivery address in about seven to 10 working days. If you’re interested in furniture delivery to a destination outside Europe, a timeframe of eight to 12 weeks is more likely.

Whether you’re simply wishing to have your furniture moved from Wandsworth to Chelsea, or to multiple overseas territories, you can expect the same things from Kiwi Movers. That is a professional, capable, and efficient service, for an excellent price.

What are the best ways to save money on furniture delivery?

It’s the question that anyone trying to decide on a delivery service should ask themselves: “Can I get the same service from elsewhere for less, without compromising on quality?” This is just one reason why the quotes we present to potential clients come with no obligation to accept them. We believe you’re perfectly entitled to compare estimates from multiple moving companies in London, before choosing the one that best suits your requirements.

So, shopping around is one way to save money on furniture delivery. But what else can you do? A lot of people seeking out specialists in office and home removals in London consider whether they could simply take on the job themselves. Sadly, this often turns out to be a false economy. After all, do you really want to hire a van and try to transport your furniture yourself? The risk that you fail to adequately pack and insure your items is just too great. As a result, they may suffer permanent damage in the removals process. What if you try to transport that massive wardrobe or bed frame up multiple flights of stairs and injure yourself? All that needs to be thought about before you even think about the logistical challenges that come with transporting furniture across borders.

In any case, we suspect that you’re a busy person – because these days, it seems that we all are. You might have a job, business or personal life you’d much rather focus on. And as we’ve touched on, it only potentially takes one mistake or oversight for do-it-yourself furniture delivery to suddenly become extremely expensive.

For the same reasons, the lowest possible cost possibly isn’t the very first thing you should be seeking in a delivery service. Sadly, not every removal company in London is as scrupulous, trustworthy, and communicative as Kiwi Movers. Nor does every company disclose the full breadth of services that may be required, including the likes of diligent packing and secure storage in London or overseas.

The sheer comprehensiveness of our service is one of the best reasons to choose Kiwi Movers as your furniture delivery service provider. We provide a truly end-to-end service so that you don’t need to coordinate any aspect of the delivery yourself. Instead, we can do all of the hard work for you. All you need to do is be there to let us in. Working with Kiwi Movers means you don’t have to work with multiple delivery and storage companies. Instead, enjoy speaking to one point of contact for all your needs

If you do request a quote for furniture delivery from us and you’re not convinced that the price is right for you, there are certain ways you can help lower how much you pay. You may be requesting a smaller job from us that is charged on an hourly basis, for example, instead of a fixed day rate. In this case, leaving some furniture behind could decrease the value of the final invoice we send to you.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that if we quote for a job with the expectation of it taking a certain period, and it actually takes less, we won’t charge as much. Doing your own packing is another possibility, although if you do this, we won’t be able to arrange insurance for such goods. This is because we won’t be able to easily tell how well you have packed and protected your furniture items.

It’s free to ask for a furniture delivery quote from us, so why wait any longer? Call us now, on 020 8877 9682, and we would be delighted to outline your options to you, and how we could best serve your needs for the most competitive possible price.


Moving to the City of London zone

The City of London constitutes the historic core of the much larger London metropolis, and today remains a crucial part of central London. This is not least because “the City”, as the district is commonly dubbed, is often considered synonymous with the UK capital’s financial sector.

In the nineteenth century, the City was cemented as the world’s leading business centre. In the early twenty-first century, it continues to wield significant influence in the corporate sphere.

The Bank of England is headquartered in the City – where, around the eastern side, the insurance industry also has a strong presence. In the northern and western sides, the legal profession holds considerable sway, further helping to make the City a hotspot for corporate networking.

Therefore, if you run a business operating in any of these sectors, you could have an especially strong incentive to book one of our commercial removal services covering the City of London.

About Chelsea

You might readily associate Chelsea with various things: its affluent image, its historical links to musicians, poets and painters and – of course – Chelsea Football Club. This prestigious side regularly plays at Stamford Bridge, the club’s home ground located in Fulham, which neighbours Chelsea.

It’s clear, then, why you might be mulling a home move to Chelsea – even if you would have to shell out significantly for the privilege, given the area’s famously high property prices. However, this part of west London is also a sensible place to which to relocate a business.

You might not have realised how much Chelsea has thrived as a retail centre especially, with both King’s Road and Sloane Street lined with an array of big-name outlets. Fortunately, our removal and man and van hire services are indeed available for residential and commercial moves to Chelsea.

Movers in Fulham

There are various strong reasons to consider moving to Fulham – including the presence of two football clubs, Fulham and Chelsea, and several enchanting parks and open spaces.

However, this area of southwest London is also a wise place to entrench an already-established business. Fulham has a long history of enterprise, having thrived in pottery and brewing in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and later made its name in the automotive sector.

If you are set on a simple move to the area, we can enable you to benefit from a man with a van in Fulham. However, we also offer more extensive removal services if your relocation to Fulham will be more ambitious – for example, in the number of furniture pieces that will need shifting.

Putney removals

If you are intent on a move – whether for personal or work-related reasons – to Putney and were planning on doing a Google search for something like “man and van near me” or “furniture removal services near me”, take heart that we offer a wide range of Putney removal services.

That’s an especially good thing when you consider the various attractions of Putney itself – including its rowing scene, sculpture trail and formidable transport links. This district of southwest London is, for example, located on rail routes to London Waterloo railway station.

Removals in Wandsworth

Our removal and man and van services in London are available throughout Wandsworth – and so they should be, given that we are ourselves based in this southwest London borough! Here, we also have 24/7 self-storage for our customers who will temporarily need such a facility for their move.

Wandsworth itself has much to recommend as a place to live or work. The borough is home to the green open spaces Battersea Park, Wandsworth Common and Tooting Commons, while Wandsworth-located theatres include Battersea Arts Centre, Theatre503 and Putney Arts Theatre.

As a borough, Wandsworth comprises various settlements, among them Wandsworth Town, Battersea, Putney and Tooting. If you are interested in relocating to any particular place within the borough’s boundaries, we invite you to contact us for Wandsworth removal quotes.

Moving in Wimbledon

Arguably, the southwest London district of Wimbledon is, in the public’s mind, most associated with the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. However, the highly-revered tennis tournament often known colloquially as Wimbledon is far from the only reason to move to the area of this same name.

The area is a popular place to learn and practise horse riding, while the New Wimbledon Theatre has attracted big-name stars including Pamela Anderson, Tim Vine and Ruby Wax. It’s clear to see, then, that Wimbledon is well-suited as a backdrop to both work and play.

As a result, it’s also a great place to utilise our cheap removal services. We can help whether you require a complete team of removers or just a man and van in the London area of Wimbledon.

Balham region removals

Are you perusing a list of quick removal companies that you hope could help you move into a domestic or commercial property in Balham? We can help you there, as we can carry out both workplace and home removals in this London neighbourhood.

Our removal services include furniture delivery to this London area, which is resplendent in exciting opportunities. Living or working here would enable you to easily drop by any of Balham’s bars, restaurants and shops, while live entertainment shows are regularly held at pub venue The Bedford.

Balham is also well-connected by rail to various other London areas near and far due to the presence of Balham interchange station, where National Rail and London Underground services meet.

Removals in Clapham

Clapham lies primarily in the London Borough of Lambeth but also somewhat spills over into the adjacent London Borough of Wandsworth. However, no matter which part of Clapham you are eyeing for a home or workplace move, we can transport your belongings to this London area.

We will do so efficiently, too, and can handle the likes of clothes, stationery and furniture removals in London. Clapham is an exciting place to shop or, indeed, set up a shop – with Clapham Old Town, Clapham High Street and Clapham Road all examples of the various retail hubs here.

This south London district is also well-served with public transport connections, helping to explain why the area has flourished as a home for commuters into central London – and why you could benefit immensely from considering our Clapham removal services.

About Teddington

The southwest London suburb of Teddington is sited on a meander of the River Thames and has been hailed as one of the best places to live in London. It’s also another of the places where our removal services – including man-and-van services – are available in the UK capital.

Teddington is not only an exciting place to live but also a hive of commercial activity – with a string of workplaces, including shops and offices, based here. By providing you with a Teddington removal service, we can safely and securely transport all of the items you need – like furniture, crockery, paperwork and much more – to your new Teddington home or workplace.

Best removals in Twickenham

Twickenham is situated in southwest London and renowned for its links with rugby union – including being the home of the world’s largest rugby stadium, Twickenham Stadium, which is visited by hundreds of thousands of spectators each year.

Top-class rugby is one compelling reason to set up home in Twickenham; the area’s business profile is another, with London Heathrow Airport helping to fuel Twickenham’s economic prosperity.

If you would need a storage facility in London to use temporarily for items as our removers transport them from your old place to the new one, rest assured that Twickenham is one of several parts of London where we maintain a 24-hour self-storage facility open seven days a week.

Looking for a van and man hire or complete domestic or commercial removal service in Twickenham? We are ready and waiting to help.

If you know what furniture you would like to get transported, where you want it to be transported and for what time, the next step is simply to get in touch with a removals firm such as our own based here in London. Just call 020 8877 9682 or email [email protected] to get started.


The benefits of choosing Kiwi Movers for furniture delivery

Having furniture delivered can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re trying to plan the delivery around work or other activities. Waiting around the house or trying to book days off to ensure you’re home can completely disrupt your life and potentially result in loss of productivity at work. However, if you’ve ordered furniture, it has to be delivered some time, so what are you to do? Well, the process doesn’t have to be stressful or disrupt your life. With Kiwi Movers, you’ll get an effective furniture delivery service that is tailored around you. We’ll discuss dates and times with you during the planning stage and ensure we can select a day that is perfect for you. This date won’t change either and we’ll make sure we stick to what we agreed. This will make it easier to plan your week around the delivery and ensure you don’t have to take additional time off from work.

By being the effective planners we are, we’re able to outline an accurate delivery day plan and ensure that it’s fitted around you. This also allows us to give you a quote for the delivery so you know what to expect and don’t get hit with any unexpected costs. We’re also able to give you a breakdown of how the costs are calculated so you can see exactly what our service is going to cost. This is how we prove to you that we charge for exactly what you get and this helps us maintain strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our delivery team is extremely friendly, helpful and professional which ensures you always have a good experience with us.

We ensure that our service is comprehensive and never lacking. We would never under-service a customer and would always ensure they have received a service they’re happy with. For example, if you wanted us to act solely as a courier service, we could do that but our fit and capable movers can also unload the furniture into your home. Having a furniture delivery means that you could potentially have twice as much furniture as before and no way to move it. Well, as a company with a range of different services, we can also remove the furniture you currently have in your home. This can then be put into storage if you’d like to keep it – a service we also offer. This means that you don’t need to put your body at risk or face the hassle of attempting to move the furniture yourself. Our movers will then be able to unload your new furniture and place it exactly where you’d like.

This is just part of our end-to-end service and ensuring that you’re never put out. We would also never expect you to take matters into your own hands when you’ve paid for a service. You can simply sit back and enjoy a relaxing afternoon as we take care of all of the heavy lifting. During the day of delivery, we’ll keep you updated too, so you’re not unprepared when we arrive. Once the delivery is complete, we’ll ensure everything is as you expect and that you’re happy with our service. This is how we believe customers should be treated, especially when you’re paying for a service that is as high-quality as ours.

Our flexibility also means that we can deliver a wide range of furniture too. We never shy away from a challenge or let obstacles stop us from getting the job done. Our team is full of forward-thinking, smart movers who are experts at problem-solving. That means that if a piece of furniture is exceptionally large, such as a dining table which can’t be dismantled, for example, we’ll find a way to get it into your home. We have access to a hoist crane that is able to lift the table up, manoeuvre it around into your house and safely place it down without risk of damage to your home or belongings.

As our movers are also fit and capable, they’ll be able to carry a range of furniture items between them, even if they are considered bulky items. Our delivery team are properly trained in how to lift heavy items and are experts at working together, which means they can overcome barriers that may prevent other removal companies from getting the job done. We have a strong mentality, however, and will ensure that we get the job done.

We understand how difficult it can be to rearrange delivery dates, especially if you’ve taken time off work or changed other plans. A tricky moving situation or inconvenience can hinder a smooth delivery process, causing more headaches for you. But, as we have a strong work ethic and mentality, we’ll do our utmost to ensure this doesn’t happen. That means we’ll do everything we can to ensure the delivery process is as smooth and quick as possible to minimise the inconvenience caused to our customer. The speed and efficiency of our service don’t come at the cost of effectiveness either, meaning you don’t have to worry about broken or damaged furniture.

Nothing can ruin a delivery day more than having your new furniture delivered and finding out that it has either been damaged in transit or, when the furniture is being moved in, it gets damaged due to negligence. Our aim is to ensure this never happens and we’ll do everything we can to ensure that your furniture is protected at every stage of the process. The last thing you want to see is brand-new furniture damaged because of poor workmanship or very little care and attention. From the way we pack our vans to the way we carry furniture, our methods are tried and tested, proving they are the best way to deliver furniture without damaging it. Of course, accidents do happen and it would be impossible to say that nothing will ever get broken, simply due to unforeseen circumstances. There is always the possibility there may be an accident on the road that will cause this which is why it’s important to insure your furniture items.

When you pay for a high-quality service such as ours, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you’re in capable hands and that the job will get done properly. Whether it’s multiple or single items, we’ll treat every delivery the same and ensure that our high standards are upheld. Our excellent service extends across multiple different areas, to ensure that we can meet as many of your needs as possible. We also have a man and van service which is perfect for moving if you don’t require a large moving team or have lots of furniture. This also runs alongside our other services which we can carry out for you if you require. This prevents the hassle of you needing to enlist several diffident companies to help when you can get everything you need from us.

Another benefit of choosing Kiwi Movers to carry out your furniture delivery in London is that we know the city very well and can navigate busy streets quickly. We know what to expect when it comes to driving through London and the surrounding areas, meaning we can accurately predict how long it will take and make manoeuvres to avoid busy roads. This allows us to complete the job effectively and use our knowledge of the city to avoid congestion. This is also a benefit of our man and van service, as there is just a single van, instead of multiple trucks, we’re able to complete the job quickly and navigate tight streets. Driving around London can pose a lot of issues, especially when a job needs completing within a certain time frame. This allows our man and van to reach tricky places and do so quickly. If it’s an office move, our capable mover will be able to navigate tricky backstreets and complete the move effectively around you, ensuring your working day is not disrupted.