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Tips, advice and guides to make moving and relocating as hassle-free as possible plus the latest from Kiwi Movers HQ.

Kiwi and new in town? How to make friends after moving to London

  Moving to a new city and making friends isn’t always easy – especially if that city is London, with more than 8 million inhabitants stretched over quite literally hundreds […]

Where to find the best New Zealand food in London

It’s safe to say the team at Kiwi Movers have made their home in London. We know this city inside out. But we’re always looking for new and interesting places […]

Moving in London by yourself – the best and worst

It takes a brave man (or woman) who’s prepared to face the streets of London and make the move on their own. The traffic, the hustle, the parking tickets… but […]

Kiwi Movers partner up with Under The Doormat

  The team at Kiwi Movers is delighted to announce we’ve partnered up with Under The Doormat, a luxury platform for people to rent out their properties in London. This […]

6 reasons why you need an excess baggage service

If you’re planning on moving to London soon (there’s lots of Kiwis and Australians already here, we know most of them!) there’s a good chance you’ve got baggage on the brain. […]

Moving house in London when you’ve got kids – how to do it right

It’s easy to forget how stressful moving can be on little ones. After all, it’s not as if they need to worry about packing, organising the insurance, or working out […]

Kiwi Movers gets Which? Trusted Trader status

We are extremely pleased to announce that Kiwi Movers is now officially endorsed by Which? Trusted Traders. After several months of contacting our customers, collecting feedback, and getting a feel […]

Mover of the Month – April

Date you joined Kiwi Movers? February 2015 2. Full Name? Matthew Owen Toomey 3. Nickname? I always end up being called Toomey over Matt. Tombstone’s a variation sometimes 4. Place […]

Changes to CHAPS Bank Transfer Could Cost Movers £28 Million

Changes to how banks process large payments could lead to moving delays and costs of up to £28 million a year, warns a London removals and logistics firm. The cut […]

3 in 4 have relationship woes after moving house, here’s how to avoid them

We know moving can be stressful, but we like to make sure our customers enjoy a hassle free move regardless. But what happens when the removal trucks have all gone and […]

Mover of the Month – December 15

Name: Mitesh Prema Nickname: Mitz Place of Birth: Auckland, New Zealand What is the most interesting move you have done at Kiwi Movers: Every move is pretty interesting, would probably […]

Kiwi Movers honoured for innovative tenants’ rights campaign

We were recently acknowledged by the Wandsworth businesses community in recognition of our campaign work throughout 2015. It was a fantastic privilege to take home the Highly Commended award for Marketing and […]

British movers are getting more generous

  We’ve recently conducted some new research. After noticing a growing trend among home movers for leaving gifts for the next people to move into their property, we decided to […]

What London Looks Like to Estate Agents – The Evolving Homogeneous Sprawl of London’s Boroughs

Kiwi Movers are proud to be a London company. Many of us moved here from other parts of the world. We love being here and we love helping Londoners move […]

Mover of the Month – October

Well done to our Mover of the Month, Sam Goodwin! Date you joined Kiwi Movers? Mid May sometime, 2015. Been a busy and physical 5 months! Full Name? Samuel Brian Goodwin. Nickname? […]

Moving Hacks – 12 of the Most Ingenious Time and Labour-saving Tips for Moving House

Moving house is exciting, but it’s not what you’d called fun (unless you happen to work for Kiwi Movers!). You’re most likely going to be stressed, worried about your stuff […]

The Internet’s Best Tips for People Moving to London

We know how stressful moving house can be and we know it’s especially tough (although also very exciting) moving to a new city. So to help anyone and everyone planning […]

European Commutability Index – 12 Affordable (and cool) European Cities Commutable to London

The high cost of living and working in London means it can actually be cheaper – and better – to commute in from Europe For those who love their London job […]

12 Affordable and Cool European Cities Commutable to London Infographic and Data European Commutability Index – PDF Kiwi Movers European Commutability Index Data and Methodology  

“Someone used the loo after you left…” 8 Ridiculous Excuses Landlords Have Given for Keeping Deposits

  Earlier this year we revealed that private tenants are losing as much as £40 million a year due to withheld deposits, many of which are withheld unfairly. In our survey, […]