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Tips, advice and guides to make moving and relocating as hassle-free as possible plus the latest from Kiwi Movers HQ.

The Ultimate A List Fixers

The go-team team for removals in London Over the past few years Kiwi has developed a great partnership with a variety of Personal Assistants and Concierge’s in London and none […]

Moving to the UK from America – Proof that people are seriously considering it

Our website has experienced a 53% increase in traffic from America over the past few days, which got us wondering if the American election result is driving interest in people […]

Does England have snakes? What people Google before moving to London and the UK

If you’ve ever wondered what people overseas think about the UK, wonder no more. We’ve crunched the data and can reveal PRECISELY what people from all over the world want […]

A guide to hygge for Kiwis and Australians living in London

Cosyness. Comfort. Sense of well-being. There’s lots of different ways to understand hygge – the Danish practice of creating little moments, whether it’s just a coffee or having friends over […]

Top 3 places for second-hand furniture in London

Moved to London? Check. Got the keys to your new flat? Check. Found a great place around the corner to help make your new place feel like home? Not so […]

How to plan your next London office move

There’s no hard and fast rule to planning a smooth office move. It can take months of planning and organisation, not to mention the logistics of actually moving on the […]

Expat Problems – The Foods We Miss The Most

Shipping things from London to New Zealand made us feel homesick, so we conducted a poll to discover which foods expats miss the most from back home. It was inspired by one […]

5 Halloween events in London to book right now

  It might be the beginning of October, but if you’re in the mood to do something special this Halloween then now is the definitely the time to act. There’s […]

Fancy a brew? What life’s like for Kiwis working in London

Moving to a new city is one thing. Throw a new job into that situation, and suddenly you’re faced with one of the hardest and most exciting opportunities most of […]

Expats of the world- Let us ship you a month’s supply of your favourite food from back home!

We’ve all been there. You’ve just moved to London (or some other great city) and life’s going great. Work’s going great and you’re feeling settled. Then, out of nowhere, comes […]

5 super simple packing hacks for moving home

  We like to think we know a thing or two about moving home. But that doesn’t mean we’re not always impressed to learn new and useful ways to make […]

How to avoid identity theft when moving home

  It’s to be expected that moving home causes a certain amount of upheaval in someone’s life. One of the things most people don’t consider, however, is how to protect […]

Kiwi in London? Here’s how to find a flat

If you’re a Kiwi in London, or planning on making the move soon, you’ve probably heard some horror stories about finding a flat in this city. Dodgy landlords. Outrageous rents. […]

Moving to London? Here are some must-read books

There are certain challenges that arise when you plan on moving to London. First, you have all the nitty-gritty logistics of getting here in the first place. Booking your flights, […]

Life-saving apps for flat-sharing expats in London

  Flat sharing with strangers in a new city. It can simultaneously be one of the most rewarding and unnerving experiences a 20 or 30-something can endure. Sorting bills. Dividing […]

Moving to London? 3 simple rules to finding a new job

  Moving to a new city is stressful enough without throwing a job hunt into the mix too. Most of us at Kiwi Movers have been there already. So we […]

Moving to London? Find out if you’re an expat or an immigrant

71% of Expats Living in UK Don’t Believe they’re Immigrants, according to a new study conducted by Kiwi Movers. Our study found that the majority (71%) of people who’ve moved to […]

Our top 3 neighbourhoods for Kiwis in London

  You’re probably sceptical already. A city of 8.5 million people. With thousands of neighbourhoods. And seemingly hundreds of Itsu’s.   How can we possibly pick three of our top […]

London Movers – July Mover of the Month

The latest in our monthly London movers mover of the month giving a bit more of an insight into our staff and what makes Kiwi Movers a great company. 1) […]

Expat or immigrant – Is it time to acknowledge our privilege?

[qzzr quiz=”234196″ width=”100%” height=”auto” redirect=”true” offset=”0″] Kiwi Movers was founded by a Kiwi and an Aussie living in London. We are an international team. More of our staff hail from […]