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Tips, advice and guides to make moving and relocating as hassle-free as possible plus the latest from Kiwi Movers HQ.

Moving out of London

Thinking about moving out of London? It is becoming increasingly common for families to relocate out of central London to neighbouring towns in Kingston, Tonbridge, St Albans and Woking. Over […]

Some Strange Requests

After last weeks blog on FAQs I thought I would share some of the not so frequently asked and more interesting questions we have received and some interesting removals we […]

Top 10 FAQs

Like all businesses, particularly in the service industry we are frequently asked the same questions by customers. For this week’s blog I decided to answer these questions for you, so […]

The Kiwi Christmas Ad

Every year people wait in anticipation for the Christmas Ads to come out. Well, this year we have put our own one together. We hope you enjoy!    

Rubbish Removal

Rubbish Removal, this is a problem that often occurs in London. Usually when clearing out the flat or house with the annual spring clean or when we get the new […]

Kiwi Movers Community Work

Kiwi Movers try and commit to community work on a regular basis. We believe this is important, as a member of the local business community and as a responsible company. […]

Commercial Deliveries

Commercial deliveries of contemporary antiques, property maintenance, construction site logistics, site management and cleaning are just a few of the services Kiwi Movers offer at commercial rates. Currently Kiwi Movers […]

Mover of the Month – October

Name? Hami Tangiora Date you joined Kiwi Movers? 22 June 2013 Nickname? MDM (Million Dollar Maori) Place of Birth? Lincoln, New Zealand What is the most interesting move you have done at […]

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Are you coming to the end of your tenancy and your flat is looking like a herd of cows have just run through it? And to makes matters worst you […]

Moving With Pets

If your feeling stressed and the anxiety levels are a little high when moving house, think how it must feel for your family pet! Your Labrador’s sleeping mat is not […]

Cheap Removals in London

Winters coming… and that generally means cheap removals in London. This morning was definitely pretty crisp on the scooter! With the best English summer in 20 years all but over […]

Packing Tips

Packing Tips can be a lifesaver when moving home. Unfortunately, packing can be one of the most tedious parts  when moving house but one of the most important as well. […]

International Shipping – The How to Guide

International Shipping has a few more considerations than you would think. At Kiwi Movers we offer international shipping to help you pack up shop and relocating your family overseas? Coming […]

Removals with Hoists

Removal with Hoists provided by Kiwi Movers are a service we provide. London always manages to throw a few curveballs with accessing properties. One of the most common is accessing […]

Moving Tips

Movings tips are always useful to make your move go a bit smoother. Something that we try and deliver everytime at Kiwi Movers. Here are a few helpful moving tips […]

Moving the Largest Butterfly in the World

Recently we moved the world’s largest butterfly – Atacus Atlas (origin Thailand) W 25cm, D 25cm, H 39cm For information about our commercial services, please visit or call 020 […]

Mover of the Month – August

This month we have two movers of the month! Chris and Matt Full Name? Chris Barry (Rugby photo) – 2nd time winner Matthew Henderson (photo in Egypt)Nickname at Kiwi Movers? […]

Kiwi Movers International Shipping Service

Kiwi Movers now offer international shipping at great rates. We offer a range of specialist shipping services to destinations worldwide. We work with a number of the world’s largest shipping companies […]

Mover of the Month – July

Full Name?  Simon Blayne de Vries Nickname?  Top dog…no not really, it’s Blayne.  How does it feel to win this award for the 2nd time in less than 3 months? […]

Kiwi Movers helping out in the Community

We like to get involved and help out where we can in our local community here in Wandsworth. Recently we have been able to do this several times with different […]