Does New Zealand Exist? Is Sydney the Capital of Australia? – What confuses visitors to Australia and New Zealand, according to Google…

As a firm specialising in shipping from London to New Zealand and Australia, we’re always interested in perceptions of different places, depending on where you are. Visitors to the nations we serve always appear somewhat confused about the laws, culture, weather, politics and (sometimes) the mere existence of the places they plan on seeing.

Researchers in 13 countries, including Malaysia, India, Germany and France collated the top autocomplete suggestions for queries about Australia and New Zealand, along with each country’s largest cities by population. The ‘searching’ countries were based on the countries from where most visitors to Australia and New Zealand come.

Each researcher typed “Does (place)…” into the search box and let Google’s autocomplete function work its magic.

See the full results for every country, city and place at the bottom of this article.

The most common searches for our major cities had little to do with culture or entertainment in Australia and New Zealand. They were almost exclusively focused on the availability of Uber and airport wifi.

Some nations are more interested in the ability to immigrate to our shores. India in particular is curious about the english language requirements of obtaining residency.

What do visitors want to know about New Zealand’s towns and places? Top autocomplete suggestions by country

Does New Zealand… celebrate Halloween?  – USA

Does Auckland… have Uber? – South Africa

Does Wellington…get snow? – USA & South Korea

Does Christchurch…have Uber? – New Zealand, Australia, and South Korea

Does Hamilton?…have dialogue? – South Africa and the U.K.

Does Dunedin…hospital have wifi? – USA, New Zealand, Australia, and Hong Kong

Does Tauranga…have an airport? – Australia and South Africa

What do visitors want to know Australia’s towns and places? Top autocomplete suggestions by country

Does Australia… have the death penalty?  – USA

Does Sydney… get snow?  – Canada and Singapore

Does Melbourne… get snow?  – Canada, South Africa, and India

Does Brisbane… airport have free wifi?  – Australia, USA, South Africa, and China

Does Perth… have a beach?  – South Africa and Singapore

Does Adelaide… have uber?  – Japan, Singapore, and the U.K.

Does the Gold Coast…have shark nets? – USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong

Does Ayers Rock…change color? – Australia and the U.K.

Does the Outback…where does the Australian Outback start? Hong Kong and South Korea

American are more interested in the culinary offerings of their down-under—themed steakhouse than the majesty of the Australian wilderness

Does the outback

the Weather in both New Zealand and Australia was a popular topic, as exemplified by this example from google Malaysia

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 13.30.46

The Chinese are worried they will arrive at Ayers rock after it’s closed. Looks open to us.

when does Ayers rock open

Regan McMillan, director of Kiwi Movers, believes the results reflect the different priorities of travellers around the world:

“As Kiwis located in London who come into contact with people from all over the world, it’s easy to assume everyone is clued up about life down under, but this research suggests otherwise.

“The fact that people need to check what currency Melbourne uses, whether we are part of Asia or if New Zealand is part of the EU shows that the life in Australia and New Zealand is not as well understood as we might have believed.”

Australia and New Zealand on each other

SearchPlaceAustralia asksNew Zealand asks
DoesNew Zealandhave daylight savings time?have a constitution?
DoesAucklandairport have free wifi?zoo have polar bears?
DoesWellingtonget cold?zoo have elephants?
DoesChristchurchhave uber?have uber?
DoesHamiltonisland have a supermarket?have an airport?
DoesDunedinhospital have wifi?hospital have wifi?
DoesTaurangahave an airport?have fluoride in the water?
DoesAustraliahave nukes?have goods and service tax?
DoesSydneyhave fluoride in the water?have uber?
DoesMelbournezoo have pandashave snakes?
DoesBrisbaneairport have free wifihave a beach?
DoesPerthhave uber?have uber?
DoesAdelaidehave power yetget snow?
DoesGold Coasthave shark netshave shark nets?
DoesCanberrawater have fluoridehave a beach?
DoesAyers Rockchange colourhave an airport?
Doesthe Outbackwhere is the outback marathonhow hot does the outback get?

Other English-speaking nations on Australia and New Zealand

SearchPlacethe USA asksCanada asksSouth Africa asksthe UK asks
DoesNew Zealandcelebrate halloween?have poisonous animals?exist?have an NHS?
DoesAucklandhave uber?have uber?have uber?get earthquakes?
DoesWellingtonget snow?have a casino?get cold?have a casino?
DoesChristchurchhave fluoride in the water?airport close at night?what are things to do in Christchurch?have a beach?
DoesHamiltonwhat are things to do in Hamilton?have a fire ban?have spoken lines?have dialogue
DoesDunedinhospital have wifi?have an airport?have an airport?does it snow in Dunedin?
DoesTaurangacelebrate auckland anniversary?have uber?have an airport?have uber?
DoesAustraliahave the death penalty?celebrate thanksgiving?have any borders?have a queen?
DoesSydneyairport have luggage storage?get snow?have a Walmart?have spiders?
DoesMelbourneget cold in the winter?get snow?snowwhen does summer start in Melbourne?
DoesBrisbaneairport have free wifi?get snow?airport have free wifihave a beach
DoesPerthairport have a curfew?get snow?have a beachperthes disease qualify for disability
DoesAdelaideairport have showers?what does Adelaide look like?how much does liposuction cost in Adelaide?have uber?
DoesGold Coasthave shark nets?have daylight savings time?have daylight savings time?have daylight savings time?
DoesCanberrahave an airport?have uber?snowhave trains?
DoesAyers Rockhave two names?does it cost money to climb ayers rock?what does ayers rock look likechange colour?
Doesthe Outbackhave a gluten free menu?have a happy hour?what does the outback look likehow long does the Australian outback spectacular go for?


Asian countries on Australia and New Zealand

SearchPlaceSingapore asksJapan asksMalaysia asksSouth Korea asksHong Kong asksChina asksIndia asks
DoesNew Zealandis a visa required for New Zealand?what time is it in New Zealand?have snakes?accept refugees?allow dual citizenship?have rabies?require IELTS?
DoesAucklandin which continent is auckland?is auckland dangerous?experience winter and why?have earthquakes?have earthquakes?airport close?airport close?
DoesWellingtonwhere is Wellington?where is Wellington?does it snow is Wellington?get cold?Is Wellington north or south of 40 degrees s line of latitude?naget snow?
DoesChristchurchwhat time is it in Christchurch?airport have lockers?does it snow is Christchurch?have uber?get snow?have an earthquake today?have a beach?
DoesHamiltonnahave talking?does it snow is Hamilton?nadoes lewis hamilton have a new girlfriend?nana
DoesDunedinnanananahospital have wifi?nana
DoesTaurangananananacelebrate auckland anniversary?nana
DoesAustraliais Australia part of Asia?have the death penalty?have winter?have mountains?have more sheep than humans?have a structural deficit problem?accept TOEFL?
DoesSydneyget snow?have palm trees?have Uber?domestic airport have showers?have a subway system?have a Walmart?have fireworks on Australia day?
DoesMelbournewhat must I do in Melbourne?what currency does Melbourne use?what is a must do in Melbourne?have beaches?and Sydney have the same time?what currency does Melbourne use?get snow?
DoesBrisbaneget snow?have a beach?airport have free wifi?have daylight savings time?have trams?airport have free wifi?have hard water?
DoesPerthhave a beach?airport have a curfew?airport have a curfew?have daylight savings time?airport have a curfew?have toll roads?get snow?
DoesAdelaidehave uber?have uber?what does Adelaide look like?have daylight savings time?what does Adelaide look like?have an aquarium?airport have showers?
DoesGold Coasthave daylight savings time?flood?How long does it take to get to Australia zoo from gold coast?is gold coast Australia expensive?have shark nets?airport have duty free?what is there to do in the gold coast?
DoesCanberrahave a beach?get snow?Does it snow in Canberra?have uber?have a mayor?have a beach?have trains?
DoesAyers Rockis ayers rock a meteor?what does ayers rock mean?Things to do in Ayers rockis it called Uluru or ayers rock?nawhat time does ayers rock open?what does ayers rock look like?
Doesthe Outbackwhat does the Australian outback look like?what does the Australian outback mean?how much of Australia does the outback cover?where does the Australian outback start?Where does the Australian outback start?what does the Australian outback smell like?does it snow in the Australian outback?


France and Germany on Australia and New Zealand

SearchPlaceGermany asksFrance asks
DoesNew Zealandis New Zealand in the EU?why is the Kiwi the symbol of New Zealand?
DoesAucklandis Auckland a town?is Auckland a dangerous town?
DoesWellingtonis Wellington in Canada?what is Beef Wellington?
DoesChristchurchhow many people does Christchurch have?does Christchurch have earthquakes?
DoesHamiltonis Hamilton a good watch brand?does Hamilton have things to see?
DoesDunedinis Dunedin worth seeing?na
DoesAustraliais Australia an island?does Water swirl the other way in Australia
DoesSydneyis Sydney the capital of Australia?is Sydney the capital city of Australia?
DoesMelbourneis melbourne worth seeingwhat is the Melbourne cup?
DoesBrisbaneis brisbane dangerouswhere is Brisbane?
DoesPerthis perth expensivewhat is there to do in Perth?
DoesAdelaideis adelaide worth seeingwhat is the weather like in Adelaide?
DoesGold Coastwhat are gold coast attractions?na
DoesCanberrawhy is the canberra the capital of Australia and not sydney?Canberra is in which country?
DoesAyers Rockis ayers rock a monolith?what is ayers rock?
Doesthe Outbackhow big is the outback?what is the Australian outback?